Difference Between Tungsten And Tungsten Carbide When It Comes To Wedding Rings

Essex, Florida (PressExposure) July 20, 2009 -- There have been many talks about the difference between a tungsten ring from a tungsten carbide ring. Ever since the release of these rings into the market, particularly as materials for making wedding rings, jewelers have been asked for the differences, both the good and the bad, between these rings. One apparent difference is that tungsten carbide has already been mixed with carbon. Aside from tungsten carbide containing carbon, what are the differences between a tungsten ring and a tungsten carbide ring?

Though both are made from the same base catalyst, which is tungsten, there are several notable differences between the two, especially with wedding rings. Tungsten has long been known to be one of the most durable and strongest metal around. It has the highest melting point among non-alloyed metals and second highest of all the elements after carbon. This is theWith the mixture of carbon, tungsten became stronger and tougher. reason why jewelers found it very useful for wedding rings.


A tungsten ring alone is said to resist a number of scratches and denting, but with the mixture of carbon, tungsten became more highly resistant to such scratches. Jewelers have even learned that compared to a tungsten ring, tungsten carbide rings are 100% unscratchable, and that the only thing that could damage it with highly abrasive compounds such as diamonds. In terms of designs, both tungsten ring and tungsten carbide ring possess several distinct feature.


Because of carbon, tungsten carbide developed a lustrous dark hue often buffed to a mirror finish. Tungsten alone, however, became popular because of its unique design rarely found with other materials, including tungsten carbide. One popular feature of tungsten ring is that it doesn't usually need any polishing, which makes it perfectly useful in designs with a brushed finish. One common use of these two is that these are popularly used by men.

Side Effects

Though tungsten carbide is clearly the winner when it comes to durability and strength, tungsten carbide, however, was found to cause skin irritation. This is because of the cobalt binders often used in tungsten carbide rings. Skin oils are said to cause the cobalt to leach from the material. This is said to cause possible irritation of the skin and permanent staining of the jewelry itself, whereas tungsten ring is known to be hypoallergenic which makes it the perfect ring for people with sensitive skin.

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