Different Materials Of Wedding Rings, From Traditional To Failed Materials

Essex, Florida (PressExposure) July 31, 2009 -- The list of materials used for wedding rings is long. This is because the effort put in finding the perfect ring that not only provides the most luxurious and glamorous luster but also maintains its luster for generations despite being subjected to regular scratching and denting is endless. Also, aside from the physical properties of these candidate metals, jewelers are also looking into how affordable these materials are to typical marrying couples. Using these considerations, jewelers have come up with several materials that passed the tests and materials that haven't. Here is a list of materials currently being used and those that have been rejected by jewelers.

Traditional material

* Gold - This is the only traditional material for making wedding rings. This is primarily due to its long-lasting luster which is said to convey a sense of permanence in relationships. There are, however, several disadvantages to using this material. The most familiar of these is its limited durability. Everyone who has used gold jewelries recognizes how prone this material is to scratches and scuffs. Also, in some cases, it has been known to cause skin irritation and allergic reactions.

White materials

* Platinum - This material became a popular alternative during the time when gold was the only material used for wedding rings. It provided the variation that marrying couples werecost. looking for. Its glamorous silvery-white luster, often draped with diamonds, made it popular as a woman's wedding ring. The only problem with platinum is its

* White gold - White gold, like platinum, also possesses a silvery-white luster. The difference is that white gold is much cheaper than platinum. However, white gold tends to lose its whiteness after years of use.

* Palladium - Considered to be one of the platinum group of metals, palladium provides lighter, stronger, and slightly whiter features than that of platinum. Similar to gold, palladium can be beaten into a thin leaf form as thin as 100 nm (1/250,000 in). Like platinum, it will develop a hazy patina over time. In contrast to platinum, however, palladium may discolor at high soldering temperatures, become brittle with repeated heating and cooling, and react with strong acids.

Durability materials

* Tungsten carbide - The good thing about tungsten carbide rings is its sheer durability compared to gold and platinum. Unlike gold, tungsten carbide rings are known to provide greater durability, better resistance to scratching, and masculine features often associated with gold. Despite being newcomers like titanium rings, tungsten carbide rings have already become in-demand across the world.

* Titanium - Titanium rings, like tungsten carbide, are used commonly by men. This is because of its gunmetal gray color and bulky features. The only drawback to titanium is its light weight which affects the quality of a jewelry.

Least expensive materials

* Nickel silver - Least expensive in all wedding rings. This wedding ring is usually preferred by couples because of its cost.

* Stainless steel - It has the same durability as platinum or titanium, and it can accept a finer finish than the latter.

Failed materials

Steel alloys are not often used as wedding rings because they are impossible to cut off in emergency situations unlike precious metals. In addition to this, silver, copper, brass and other cheaper metals do not occur frequently because they corrode over time thus failing to convey a sense of permanence. The slight toxicity of aluminium and tin and the carcinogenic nature of lead make them unsuitable metals. Wood, stone and organic materials can also be used but they are more decorative but much less durable than metal.

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