Different Plastic Surgery Procedures for Your Body

North Chelmsford, MA (PressExposure) December 11, 2009 -- Advanced plastic surgery offers very safe and effective results for problems arising from natural aging, weight fluctuations, pregnancy, hereditary factors and environmental conditions.

The most common Cosmetic Plastic Surgery procedures offered by reputable facilities are the following:

Breast Enlargement or Augmentation: Women can opt for this procedure to attain fuller, natural appearing breasts with a more balanced figure. Breast augmentation can be used to enhance a naturally small breast, or to restore breast volume lost with weight fluctuations, pregnancy, or aging.

Breast Reduction: Women today can relieve their physical and emotional discomfort due to their enlarged breast size. This surgery helps reduce large breasts so that they are in proportion with the rest of the body and gives a more youthful shape as well.

Breast Lift or Mastopexy: Droopy or sagging female breasts can spoil one's feminine looks. This procedure repositions the breasts, making them firmer and shapelier, thus enhancing your body contour.

Gynecomastia: Men no longer need to worry about overdeveloped breasts. The treatment helps attain a flatter and firmer chest, by removing glandular tissue and excess fat deposits from the chest. This can be done either through liposuction techniques or through direct excision techniques.

Tummy Tuck: This truly transforming procedure removes loose and sagging skin of the abdomen and tightens the weak underlying muscles resulting in a tighter, flatter and shapely abdomen. In this way, one can restore a firmer, more youthful-looking contour that may have been lost due to aging, significant weight fluctuations and pregnancy, and genetic factors.

Body lift: This procedure helps restore the firmer, more youthful-looking body contour by removing excess sagging fat and skin and reshaping the underlying tissue the supports the fat and skin. A body lift may include the abdominal area and can extend around the sides into the lower back. A body lift can also improve contours of the buttocks, groin, and circumferential thighs.

Liposuction: One of the best ways to contour one's body and get rid of unwanted fat is through Liposuction. Many body areas can be treated in a safe and effective way, often with limited downtime and discomfort.

There are different plastic surgery procedures for different body areas and types. If you decide that you want to undergo any of the above mentioned procedures it is always advised that you select only reputable board certified plastic surgeons. Ask for certification from The American Board of Plastic Surgery® That way one can minimize the chances of any complications and achieve the best possible results. Once you find your Plastic Surgeon, a thorough personal consultation will help you determine which is procedure can help you achieve your goals.

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