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Shenzhen, China (PressExposure) April 28, 2009 -- The happiness is undeniable when we take photos. Quite a few of us like to store the photos in digital photo picture frames [] to boost our joy. But how many of us remember to clean and maintain our cameras? I often forget. Yes, digital cameras’ prices are falling. Moreover, wholesale digital cameras [] suppliers or sellers could offer lower prices. However, digital cameras don’t cost you just several dollars; they are still costly equipment, right? Once your camera is dysfunctional, you have spent a lot to repair it or even buy a new one.

Regular maintenance helps prolong our cameras’ service life and make them produce good quality images. Some of you might think that the maintenance is troublesome. But the truth is totally different. You are not seeking troubles, remember, you hinder bigger troubles from happening. And the tools you use for the cleaning and maintenance could easily be found at your home.

First and the most important, make sure that your handy gadget has a suitable case, neither too big nor too small. Over-sized bags easily make the camera wobble inside whilst you are moving, thus, your camera couldn’t resist scratches or other damages. Even worse, your camera would be broken when you accidentally drop it. Too small cases couldn’t cover your gadget properly.

Second, regularly clean the lens of your camera. It is unwise to clean it when you find that you couldn’t clearly figure out the intended view or subject. If you have no fine tissue paper and alcohol solutions that are designed for camera optics, you could use a clean damp cloth. The cloth works fine, I have tried several times. But for better protection, you need to buy specific tools for cleaning camera optics, I recommend.

Third, don’t care too much about mirror/focusing screen, if the dust doesn’t pose a danger to the sensor, as the dust has no influence on the final image. If you want to clean, you could clean the dust with a blower brush.

Fourth, don’t neglect accessories. Your cameras’ accessories are designed only for your camera, if lost, you hardly find the ones that are so perfectly match your camera type. All you need to do is to keep them away from the damage of the dirt/dust accumulation or rust build up.

Fifth, properly handle the memory card. Never insert and remove the memory card during downloading or uploading. You probably destroy your camera if you do that. And for decreasing the possibility of data corruption to the least degree, don’t forget to maintain your memory cards as well as possible by always keeping the contacts covered. Remember to reformat your memory cards at intervals during its frequently-using period.

Make use of these simple tips to maintain your cameras now. You guys could see that it is not complicated at all. Your camera will pay back. It will produce excellent images and serve you as long as you wish.

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