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Shenzhen, China (PressExposure) April 28, 2009 -- No one want to be cheated in his/her shopping. Spend a/two-month salary, but don’t buy the product that you want - that’s truly awful. What we hate more is that the sellers are so smart. It is not easy to find reliable retailers or relevant electronics wholesalers []. Our greed of low prices, pursuit of high equipment, desire for free stuff, etc. are completely used by those “genius”, especially when we buy digital cameras.

We are always unintentionally set up by intended sellers, even worse, sometimes, some of us might think them as our benefactors. Jesus couldn’t spare his time to help us in this situation, we should rely on ourselves. Here, this article will show you some common tricks and teach you some ways to judge/avoid them.

First: You always need to buy some accessories when you buy a camera. Most sellers would like to tell you that they will give you free memory cards, phone film or others. How wonderful, you might think.

You tactic: Too good things are always fraud. The free stuff is fine, but the more important is how much money you will spend to bring the camera back, right? Sometimes, these free gifts are all included in money we have paid. So before purchase, you need to have a general idea about the camera and the prices of its accessories. You must make sure that every penny you spend does not waste.

Second: The promotion of digital cameras is not like promotion in the shopping malls. Because of lack of publicity, quite a few of us have no idea about the promotional activities. Some bad sellers would withhold the gifts and sell as original accessories at high prices.

Your tactic: The promotional activities could be found on the internet and the market. Be careful and you will find the details of the promotion. And you could consult the seller about the promotion before payment or ask for the gifts by yourself.

Third: Refurbished cameras are in large number and exist in many malls and stores. These DS’ prices are much lower than the authentic. Their manufacturers often don’t offer warranty. If problems happened, only their sellers could help. The risk actually are laid on consumers shoulders.

Your tactic: we should be more careful about the refurbished. Normally, defects always exist in these products, for example, the sealing condition of the outward case and the position of the screws. But the screen is not in the capability of these people - check the screen with extra care. Plus, check the product serial number and make sure numbers coordination on the package box, cameras body and warranty card - those could reduce to be cheated to the least degree. If the product has fake-proof query number, you’d better call it before you pay your money.

Fourth: Some salesmen, who are good at persuading, make you feel powerless to deal with them. For example, originally, you want to buy Sony T900, but the seller tells you T700 has the same high pixel screen as T900, but it is more stylish and the price is also much lower. How could you resist? In fact, T700 belongs to ex-generation and face the problem of stopping manufacturing.

Your tactic: Bring a seasonal friend with you. Tell him/her to stop you when you are convinced by the seller.

Fifth: Be careful about full-set selling. Quite a few sellers like to sell full-set product to you at a very affordable price, especially some high-end types. That is common on the online stores or digital camera wholesalers. Traps can be found in that way of selling.

Your tactic: Get to know the product prices prior to your purchase. For the only full-set selling product, you need to double think whether it’s cost-effective or not.

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