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Mumbai, India (PressExposure) November 30, 2009 -- A weighing scale, as you know is a common measuring instrument that is used to determine the weight or mass of any object. There are several types of scales available. Conventionally, we have spring scales that measures by noting the distance a spring deflects under the load of an object. A balance simply compares the weight of the object to an existing standard weight using a horizontal lever. These weighing scales are indispensable in all industrial and commercial organizations where products are sold by weight. Apart from industrial weighing scales, you also have balances used in medical purposes or scientific experiments.

An analytical balance is a kind of weighing scale that measures mass of an object with a high degree of precision. In fact, sophisticated weighing pans are kept inside transparent enclosures so as to prevent dust particles or even air currents from affecting the measurement. A constant weight is maintained on the balance beam by subtracting mass on the identical side of the beam to which the object is added to attain analytical precision. But the final balance is secured by using a small spring force instead of subtracting fixed weights from the balance.

Earlier we mostly had mechanical scales and balances. Especially most of the Indian analytical balances used to be mechanical ones which were bulky and erratic all over the country. But with the advent technology we have excess to electronic analytical balances which offer much better measurements and are also more affordable. These are also more compact and easier to ship and install.

These digital scales are advantageous because they give you accurate measures immediately and you can directly read the numbers on display instead of deciphering the scale. Moreover, most modern electronic weighing scales come with added facilities for unit conversion, averaging, addition and other mathematical capabilities. So it saves s a lot of time and effort on your part by making things simpler. In India, digital analytical balances have begun to catch up only recently with their easy availability, affordability and assorted qualities.

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