Dingoo A330- The Palm Entertainment King

Los Angeles, CA (PressExposure) April 26, 2011 -- Dingoo Digital Technology Ltd has released a new revision of their Dingoo A320, called the Dingoo A330.

I won't be doing much of a software review for the Dingoo A330, as it's pretty identical to the Dingoo A320 with respect to the native OS and the available homebrew and emulators. The main difference in this new model Gemei A330 is the addition of a 2.4GHz wireless controller receiver. The 2.4GHz wireless controller receiver will give you speedy data transmission when you are enjoying games. Meanwhile, this white Dingoo A330 digital multimedia player is a great video game player with a 1920*1080 high resolution 3.0-inch screen. And the high quality left and right channel dual speakers will give you a great sound effect while playing games. With large 4GB storage capacity and up to 32GB SD card expansion, this micro game station allows you to store many games. Just get 9 or 10 to share with your friends!

There is a question is: are the Dingoo A330 [http://www.pickegg.com/wholesale/dingoo-a330-3-0-inch-4gb-digital-multimedia-player-micro-game-station-white.html] and the Gemei A330 the same console? I've been looking around on the internet trying to get my hands on one of these things but the only place that seems to sell them is PickEgg.com. The console doesn't be noted Gemei on it like on other websites (DealExtreme) instead it says Dingoo and in the description it says Dingoo too. However,Dingoo is just whom I'm familiar with and would prefer to, as I believe Dingoo make their products better (even though these consoles probably just pour out of the same factory and get separated at the sticker department).

Our friends at Etronixmart have let us know about the new Dingoo Technologies A330. As if one Dingoo A330 was not enough, this one appears to be a rebranded Gemei A330. Perhaps with this release there will finally be an official SDK, Dingux, and 1st party support. It appears that gemei tech is the parent company and dingoo digital and dingoo technologies are more of the "test the market" companies. It likes how acekard released the r4 ultra; it's all about the money. The more companies you have, the more products you have, the more people find out about it the more money you can make.

Actually, the old dingoo digital paw print logo dingoo a320, which sadly is no longer made which is the most supported and in my opinion the best of the lot. There is the "HK" a320 is the samething, but you might have to patch some files to get them working, and the unbricker to use is the "HK" universal unbricker. The gemei a330 has a better case, design, and buttons, and it offers 2-player co-op wifi for all native emus (but GBA), yet it has no community support and no public SDK. If gemei ever gets their head out of their ass to better understand the homebrew movement then I would recommend the gemei a330 over the others, except the lcd built for HD movies causes a "blurry" effect on the edge of graphics built for a grid pixel set-up. However, it doesn't bother me that much and I quickly forget about it after I start playing.

Anyway, dingoo a330 is the palm Entertainment King, that you never find a better one or a better price than PickEgg's.

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