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Datia, M.p. India (PressExposure) April 14, 2011 -- Undergraduates and graduates seeking direct admission to engineering colleges 2011, read on. Direct admissions, in whatever major, enrolls a limited number of exceptional students separately from the majority of applicants, similar to recruiting. The process is the similar for graduates and undergraduates, though each institution has its own requirements. Applicants must also consider the area of specialization they are entering within the engineering field, which tends to be diverse and complex, including architectural, computer, biomedical, mechanical, and agricultural. Direct engineering admission to engineering colleges should not be confused with post-baccalaureate programs, which are preparatory courses designed to help students who did not meet direct admissions requirements.

It is important to consult all available resources when attempting the direct admission process. Many more students are rejected than accepted, and with engineering colleges all over the world -- not just in the United States and India -- the competition is much more intense, particularly since the rise of globalization. Undergraduates must first determine if the institution they are transferring to is semester or quarterly-based. By this time the undergraduate seeking direct admission has not only completed but excelled in all prerequisite requirements. A minimum GPA of 3.0 should be expected. Generally perquisite courses for transferring to an engineering university or college include advanced math and science courses of varying concentrations. Further requirements include application fees between $50.00 USD and $100.00 USD, immunization records and an official transcript, which refers to a transcript mailed by the institution not the applicant.

Students applying for a masters degree at an engineering college have stricter requirements, though those may be lessened if the applicant is remaining within the same institution, not only officially but unofficially, through the familiarity with the faculty and institution, which garners a more tailored application and recommendations from undergraduate professors. Masters admissions is based on undergraduate performance. Most masters degrees require a test for engineering admission, similar to the LCAT for law students or MFA for art students.

Engineering college students must take the graduate record examination (GRE) and generally score in the lower reaches of the 1000-point range. The GRE, unlike the specialized requirements of the institution itself, tests overall knowledge as well as including specialized sections. Other more traditional requirements include an objective statement or goals list, participation in internships, and an undergraduate degree. Special considerations may be made for certain students allowing them early entry into a masters program while finishing up limited coursework remaining on their undergraduate degree plan.

Whereas masters students are still somewhat guided by their professors, doctoral coursework is largely independent study which culminates in a dissertation. A masters degree may be required however. Applicants may apply directly to for a doctoral in engineering based on their merits as an undergraduate, the same as listed above. But, as should be expected, the direct doctoral applicant straight out of undergraduate school must outperform masters students. GRE scores must be higher than the maximum achieved by masters students. GPA must also be similarly higher. Generally these scores must be at least twenty-five percent higher than the high scores achieved by masters students.

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