Director at Woodburning-Stoves Saved from Death by Own Device

Evesham, United Kingdom (PressExposure) February 10, 2012 -- has been around for almost 2 years now, with extremely successful winter sales, they continue to be one of the main players in the online woodburning stove market. Not only do they sell the conventional type of woodburning stove, but they also have a huge variety of contemporary and traditional stoves, including a range of multi fuel stoves as well.

However, not everything was going as well as their winter sales, especially in one of the director's home. A carbon monoxide leak had been present for several weeks unknown to the house dwellers; it wasn't until fitting a carbon monoxide alarm (sold on the site) that the inhabitants discovered the deathly leak and had it dealt with soon after.

Just as well, as the levels of carbon monoxide detected in one part of the house reached extreme heights of almost 1,000ppm (particles per million). At 1,500ppm, a person constantly exposed to this concentration of carbon monoxide can lead to death within 2 hours; that highlights just how life saving these devices can be.

A reliable source within the organisation, Scott Morris, Marketing Manager, told us more about the 'ordeal of the director'; "It's hard to assume that you have a carbon monoxide leak as the symptoms can be quite varied, starting with mild headaches. He told me a week or 2 back, that he thought he was coming down with the flu due to constant headaches and dizziness; as some of his family were experiencing the same thing, they put it down to a 'bug' that must be going around."

An expert predicted that the leak had been present for almost a month, but the levels had only grew dangerously high in the last 2-3 days; otherwise symptoms would have been far more noticeable. If the leak had continued for much longer, the entire house would have been potentially lethal, as with the cold weather most people are keeping ventilation to a minimum and trying to keep as much heat in as possible. This would have just increased the speed at which conditions would have deteriorated.

After taking all the family to the doctors to get everyone thoroughly examined, everyone was said to be all 'A-ok' with no significant signs of exposure to carbon monoxide. Quite frankly, a miracle considering the levels of carbon monoxide traced within the house. However, everyone at the business is extremely glad to hear everybody is alright and it has actually spurred an increase in the amount of CO² alarms purchased by company staff.

As they say, it takes a near-death experience to make a change... it appears this was the wakeup call some people needed! Woodburning-Stoves have been part of the Plumbworld Network since launching in 2010.

This year it continues to make its mark on the online stove market.

Plumbworld was an early pioneer of online trading, started by James and Anita Hickman in 1999 and was sold to the Grafton Group PLC in December 2006, Plumbworld now employ more than 50 people in their purpose built warehouse and offices and boast an astonishing 50+ websites selling everything from shower enclosures and bathroom vanity units to heated towel rails and barbecues. The business has a turnover in excess of £18 million and is growing at more than 20% year on year.


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