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Singapore, Singapore Singapore (PressExposure) July 05, 2007 -- Renowned Internet marketing guru, Ewen Chia, together with CW Teo announce the formal worldwide launch of a new, revolutionary Tele-Coaching Program that helps Internet entrepreneurs develop best-selling info-products that produce excellent sales results.

According to Ewen and Teo, the Internet with its billions of users is chock-a-block with eager entrepreneurs, each wanting to make it big online and many of these entrepreneurs try their hand at selling informational products. The result is not so satisfying - most entrepreneurs end up selling the wrong product in the wrong market and it doesn't stop at that - these entrepreneurs spend quite an amount on SEO and popularizing their website, but they do not address the root cause of the problem - the product itself that they are selling.

The Tele-Coaching Program goes into the root of the problem and brings hope to these entrepreneurs who have been trying their hand at making money online without any success and are about to throw in the towel out of frustration, as well as those who are aspiring to start an online money-spinning business but just can't seem to crack the right formula to do that successfully. This program is unique in the sense that it provides extensive guides to info-product sellers who are seeking their fortunes on the Internet.

About the developers of the program

The Tele-Coaching Program has been crafted by Internet marketing guru, Ewen Chia and markets by Teo, and it comes backed by a rich body of knowledge that Ewen has gained in his 10+ years of experience in Internet marketing and selling millions of dollars worth of info-products - all of them classified as bestsellers. Teo has successfully collaborated in Internet marketing coaching sessions with some of the biggest names in the industry. Encouraged by the success of Teo-Ewen's previous launch,, the duo seem to have once again hit the nail on the head with their new product.

According to the duo, the key to making money online lies in developing and selling your own info-products. But, more often than not, newcomers in the business of selling such products on the Internet don't meet with success initially, primarily because they haven't quite got a grip of what actually sells, and not necessarily because they don't know how to sell it. The Tele-Coaching Program is the outcome of the synergy between these successful Internet marketing experts.

About the Tele-Coaching Program

The Tele-Coaching Program focuses on how to identify the right info-product that sells, and how to develop it, package it well and then hawk it in the right market that is teeming with buyers. It shows an entrepreneur how to develop info-products that have mass appeal, are practical and in demand. It is guaranteed to work for any entrepreneur - and if it doesn't work, the entire program will come free.

Ewen-Teo's Tele-Coaching Program is extensive and has been tested and proven to work by many Internet marketing professionals. This is what an entrepreneur will learn from this program: (i) Secret techniques of ultra-successful Internet info-product marketers. (ii) How to get ahead of competition and break into highly paying markets (iii) How to exploit Internet underground guerrilla tactics to your maximum advantage. (iv) How to identify an info-product that will sell like hot cakes, and how to create it and produce it in minutes. (v) How to package your product and increase its perceived value. (vi) How to milk cash out of your bestseller.

Mark Eckenrode, owner of, has this to say about the Tele-Coaching Program: "I was expecting about 45 to 60 minutes of decent content ... 2 hours later I needed a break - there was so much information. I'm mega-impressed at how much time you gave and the extent you went to cover the topic from A to Z. While all of the "chapters" ... were great, I thought the topic and outline of an action plan was golden. A great, well thought out and extremely actionable program. Thanks."

There are seven invaluable tools bundled for free along with the Tele-Coaching Program that are a must-have for anyone who wants to get into selling info-products. A titling file contains racy and catchy titles neatly divided into categories. The second bonus comes in the form of 48 creative and practical product ideas. The other bonus items that form part of the entire package, include are domain name secrets, tele-seminar secrets, and powerful tools to create a successful online business.


About C W Teo

The Tele-Coaching Program Package is available at

Visit [] to download the free ebook on “Creating an Online Business”.

CW Teo is the owner of several highly successful internet businesses. He has participated in internet marketing coaching sessions with some of the biggest names in the industry and his mission is to pass on what he has learned to help other internet marketing entrepreneurs achieve success in their own ventures. After the successful launch of the, Ewen who played a pivotal role, once again works together with CW Teo to release the []

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