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, Calcutta India (PressExposure) April 07, 2009 -- Astral Projection is a process by which our consciousness temporarily leaves the physical body and functions on its own. This is an extraordinary experience one can have. Astral travel is not dreaming. In fact, it is far clearer than our normal daily lives; our senses seem sharper and the environment somehow more real.

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Some people have heard about Astral Projection, Out Of Body Experiences (OOBE) or Remote Viewing but it is unlikely that many have had a "real" conscious experience, even though most of us do it at least once every night.

An astonishing percentage of people - about 10% of the population according to several studies have experienced astral projection with varying degrees of consciousness.

Many a time's astral projection occurs involuntarily in moments of crisis. A common example involves accidents, where the person later reports being out of his/her body and floating near the ceiling in the hospital watching doctors as they operate on his/her body below!

When astral projection occurs under these circumstances it is referred to as a Near-Death-Experience (NDE).

Astral Projection can also take place while being in a trance or deep meditation, sleeping or even while relaxing. In many cases, the subject might travel great distances, even different cities or countries and many times the information gathered during such astral traveling journeys have been verified once the subject is "awake".

This may sound crazy, but it isn’t. In fact, people will experience the astral projection every night when they sleep. Most of these projections are unconscious because they are not trained to remember it. But now, people can train themselves to experience consciously!

It is often thought that astral projection (Out-of-Body Experiences) is only experienced by people who have had NDE (Near Death Experience) but that’s not true. Thousands of people around the world are trained in this art. If they can do it, with practice, surely all can do it too.

Astral Projection is a natural ability and anyone can experience it! Finally Abhishek Agarwal decided to consolidate all the knowledge, information and experiences on Astro Projection and created an e-Book that is very easy-to-understand, highly informative.

With the kind of information, “Astral Projection Underground”, an e-book will be instantly available for download for just $37 and once done people will be able to start a wonderful astral projection journey. This comprehensive guide consists of 18 chapters and 4 Appendices. This 350 pages book is by far the most powerful astral projection resource that people will ever find on the internet. For more information log on to the website and take advantage of this limited offer today!

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