Discovery of New Enzymes may help Cheaper Ethanol Turn into a Reality Soon

Delhi, India (PressExposure) May 29, 2007 -- RNCOS’ recent report “Biofuel Market Worldwide (2007-2010)” has notified that the production of ethanol in US will likely exceed 9.5 Billion-Gallon by the end of 2010, representing a CAGR value of above 18.5%.

At present, a process akin to brewing beer is used to produce ethanol wherein conversion of starch crops into sugar is done, the sugar is then fermented in to ethanol, and finally ethanol is distilled to obtain the final form of the fuel. However a US study is reported to have found out new plant enzymes, which may enable less expensive manufacture of cellulosic ethanol.

Researchers of Cornell University have found out a plant enzymes’ type that can potentially let materials (that are used for making ethanol) to be collapsed more competently than can be done with the technologies currently in use. The study comprising David Wilson – the professor, Jocelyn Rose – the assistant professor, graduate student & 1st author Breeanna Urbanowicz, and Carmen Catala – the research associate, appeared in April 20, 2007’s issue of Biological Chemistry’s journal.

Although this new enzyme was discovered in tomato’s plant, Rose and other plants too are said to contain such plant proteins that may be used to produce biofuel. Biofuel research can also aid in uncovering exciting innovative uses of these enzymes. Researchers can, for instance, breed for the plants that contain these proteins in high levels. However, the researchers emphasize that more research is required in order to understand how this kind of enzymes are used by plants. Cornell assistant professor of plant biology Jocelyn Rose said this in a statement that biofuel review published on 30th April 2007.

Ethanol’s production from cellulose in huge and competitively priced quantities with corn-based ethanol hasn’t been possible so far. Also, without cellulosic ethanol, US’ aim to produce ethanol for reducing oil imports will be within reach, anticipate experts.

As per the RNCOS report “Biofuel Market Worldwide (2007-2010)”, “US, the largest oil user in the world, is amongst the largest producers of biofuel with Brazil. According to the govt. ethanol’s output in the US – refined from corn & woody biomass-material – should reach at the level of Eight Billion-Gallon annually by the year 2012, double of gasoline additive’s output at present.”

This report analyses the opportunities that exist for Biofuel in the global market, driving factors for the Biofuel market worldwide, major Biodiesel and Bioethanol manufacturers of the world, etc.

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