Discreet Donut Cushions - An Easy Way to Alleviate Pelvic or Prostrate Pain!

Corte Madera, CA (PressExposure) March 06, 2012 -- Many people find themselves sitting at their office chairs for hours without interruptions, often too busy to take a break and stretch. Prolonged sitting can aggravate conditions such as pelvic pain, prostate pain or hemorrhoids. Biolectrix's Discreet Donut Cushion allows anybody working and sitting in office environment to address their pain issues discreetly, without revealing the interior design and purpose of the donut pillow. The cushion is suitable for pelvic, hemorrhoids and prostate pain and can be used by men and women. It is fully discreet and doesn't draw attention from co-workers and give cause to embarrassment. The Donut pillow [http://donut-cushion.com], with its center cutout eliminates the pressure built up by the chair onto the pelvic floor. As a result it facilitates a steady flow of oxygen and blood to all the affected body areas and may help reduce the amount of inflammation and swelling.

The Donut Cushion is constructed using dual foam layers and has a donut hole in center. The bottom layer offers support even on soft surfaces such as a car seat, while the top layer is responsible for providing full sitting comfort. Having more sitting comfort promotes longer daily use and helps those with pelvic pain conditions or hemorrhoids. A traditional Donut seat cushion does not offer quite the same amount of comfort and it draws unnecessary attention from co-workers often causing embarrassment for the user. The Discreet Donut Cushion, on the other hand, is convenient to carry and its design is similar to any other standard seat cushion. One can also use it at home or while driving.

What makes Biolectrix Donut cushion different from others brands? Unlike other donut pillows, Biolectrix Donut Cushions does not reveal its underlying health care purpose and offers discretion for anybody suffering from pelvic pain. Public testimonials posted on the website show how these cushion products have helped many people with their conditions. Apart from donut cushions, Bioelectrix also offers high quality Coccyx Cushions [http://donut-cushion.com/donut-cushion/coccyx-cushion], a Prostate Cushion and a Hemorrhoid Cushion. The website also offers a download of its free e-book named '10 Steps to Better Prostate Health'. Extensive FAQs help with any support related questions. Biolectrix offers a 30 day money back guarantee for its discreet donut pillows and Hemorrhoids pillow.

About Donut-cushion.com:

Donut-cushion.com offers discreet high quality donut pillows designed to provide comfort to those suffering from prostate pain, pelvic pain and hemorrhoids.

For more information about Donut seat cushions and Hemorrhoids pillows, please visit: [http://donut-cushion.com]

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