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Abu Dhabi, Al Kuwayt (PressExposure) January 06, 2012 -- When websites, mostly commercial, are being launched by the minute every day, the launch of a new website, [http://www.tarot.ae.org], devoted to Tarot Reading and Healing in Dubai comes as a pleasant surprise showing that mysticism and the occult are still alive and kicking. In today's fast pace life people may have no time for the paranormal or the spiritual but time and again it is claimed that where conventional methods come up against a solid wall of frustration, resorting to a mystic opens up pathways and resolves issues in life, if one goes by the website's claims.

A brief visit to the website shows it has been launched by Tanya, an acclaimed Tarot reader with a global reach and a reputation based on verified results of her Tarot readings and divine guidance. There are thousands who claim that Tanya has helped them change their lives and that her intervention has mystically healed them. Now in Dubai, Tanya claims to offer these divine spiritual services for the locals as well as to anyone located anywhere in the world through her distance consultations Besides being adept in Tarot since an early age, Tanya also possesses a deep knowledge of Runes, another ancient occult art now showing a global resurgence.

The website, [http://www.tarot.ae.org/], has been well designed and is easy to navigate, giving details about Tanya and her services, testimonials, how to avail her services and what the subject can expect. Besides offering personal consultations, Tanya, through her website, also offers distance Tarot as well as Runic sessions for those in trouble and seeking answers to vexatious problems about their past, present and future.

Tanya was not available for comments but we can excerpt from her website : "My aim is to provide you with as much of information as you need to walk away, feeling clearer, stronger and lighter, and even more in tune with your path and purpose." Given the fact that people today are under stress and need some divine, spiritual guidance, it seems Tanya is all set to become hugely popular in the UAE too, as she already is elsewhere, with the launch of her website here in the Middle East to bring her powers of clairvoyance for the benefit of troubled people here.

Again we quote from her website : "I decided to make this my life's occupation: help people change their lives for the better, bring about order and calm and resolve vexing issues. I wanted to heal. I healed....... When I conduct a Tarot card reading session or Cast the Runes for my subjects, automatically my sub-conscious or unconscious self goes into a trance, establishing a mystic connection with a divine being and I become the medium to effect change, positive change in my subject's life." Readers are invited to find out for themselves.

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