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Essex, Florida (PressExposure) June 22, 2009 -- Back in the days, the only thing that marrying couples would think about is the style of their wedding ring. But today, marrying couples wouldn't only have to think about the style of their wedding ring, but also the build and the material used to make the wedding ring. Unlike in the past in which wedding rings are usually made from gold, wedding rings of today have become. One main reason is the unending quest to find a more durable wedding ring than gold. Another is the diversity of selections offered to marrying couples. more diverse as new materials are starting to get recognized as perfect catalysts for wedding rings. There are a lot of reasons as to why this is.

Now with all the different kinds of wedding rings to choose from, couples face several problems. Which one is the best? What kind of wedding ring could best represent a stable but colorful married life? And which one is perfect for the budget?

Some of the most popular wedding rings today are recognized because of their glamorous styles, unique designs, and their increased durability as compared to gold. These wedding rings include:

Platinum Wedding Rings

* Platinum wedding rings are known for their luxurious luster and silvery-white color which is unique in its time where its main competitor was gold.

* Platinum is a material known for its durability.

* Highly resistant, wedding rings made from platinum can withstand a number of beatings due to daily wear.

* Platinum rings are known to lose its white color after years of wear (though a re-application of its rhodium plating can solve this).

* Platinum rings are Known to cause skin allergies due to nickel, same as with gold.

* Some platinum jewelries have replaced nickel with palladium, but have become more expensive because of this change.

* Platinum rings are very expensive compared to gold wedding rings.

White Gold Wedding Rings

* A combination of gold and one white element (palladium, rhodium, or nickel), white gold wedding rings are known as the perfect alternative to expensive platinum wedding rings.

* Its features are pretty much the same with platinum wedding rings - silvery-white luster, but significantly cheaper.

* Known to lose its white luster,white gold rings are much like platinum.

* They are less durable than platinum wedding rings.

* They are also known to cause skin allergies when nickel is used.

* White gold rings are more expensive than traditional yellow gold wedding rings but they are cheaper than platinum.

Tungsten Carbide Wedding Rings

* Using a newly introduced material, tungsten carbide rings are known for their durability compared to platinum.

* Far less expensive than platinum and white gold.

* Known for their glossy black luster and robust features, tungsten carbide rings are said to be perfect wedding rings for men.

* Highly resistant to scratches and damages, tungsten carbide rings are known to last for years without denting and scratching.

* Compared to other forms of wedding rings, tungsten carbide rings are best known for their hypoallergenic composition.

* Because of their durability, jewelers have found them very difficult to repair when fractured.

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