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Midwest City, OK (PressExposure) September 09, 2009 -- A declining and unsatisfactory sex life with your partner is a sensitive subject. Men, usually, don't want to talk about or admit that they have a sexual problem. Men will keep their impotency secret locked safely away, and be the last one to admit that they can't get it up anymore. Impotency comes with a dreaded stigma. When a man's libido hits the road, a penis becomes nothing more than that nubbie hanging between their legs.

Men 'talk' a lot about sex, and always can be counted on to notice an attractive and sexy female. But, 'talk' is about all a man with diabetes can do. I know, because my partner is diabetic, and more times than not, sex is just a memory. Not that there isn't interest in intercourse, there is, but penetration is impossible without a firm, hard erection. And, unfortunately, diabetes usually zaps that ability.

Now, any chronic disease can cause anxiety, and that can result in sexual dysfunction. But, more diabetics report sexual dysfunction than populations at large. A book written by Derek Polonsky, MD, Talking About Sex, states that 38% of diabetic men and women were reported with sexual dysfunction. Dr. Polonsky says, a physical problem is compounded by the emotional reaction that we experience.

More men with diabetes experience major depression and anxiety disorders, which can lead to or compound impotence. Learning to cope with a chronic disease may cause emotional frustration that lead to a lack of performance. This, in turn, can snowball into complications, and the problem feeds on itself. Sex is a complicated process, complicated enough that it probably is not a good idea to attempt to solve the problem alone. A frank discussion with a trusted physician should be a top priority.

The onset of sexual dysfunction is often a slow plodding experience. Impotence may come and go. It can begin with less than firm erections, then progress to erections having a short duration. The man may continue to be interested in sex, only to have orgasms that are weak and unsatisfying. Unfortunately, orgasms gradually become few and far between. Once he accepts the reality that he can't perform like he used to, the male may eventually lose interest altogether. Masturbation can often help this situation, under the heading of 'use it or lose it'. But even this can be frustrating, as an erection often will not happen.

Impotence can be a warning of undiagnosed diabetes, and has a rapid onset. Once a man finds he is having trouble with his erections and performance, fear will set in. He will worry about becoming impotent, being unable to satisfy a woman, and how to accept his sexual failure. His anxiety will only compound the impotency problem, which is often connected directly to his undiagnosed diabetes.

Diabetes damages tissue, and although, it can be slowed down, the damage cannot be reversed.

Not every male who experiences bouts of impotency has diabetes. Impotency can come from medications for other conditions, or a combination of medications, or it could be a result of another illness, and when that is resolved, the impotency problem may disappear.

For some people, talking about sex, and admitting your sexual dysfunction is next to impossible. But, if you bury your head in the sand, it is likely to only get worse. Be wary of 'miracle cures,' or other make shift remedies. Talk to your doctor and, if needed, see a sexual dysfunction specialist. According to results from a national survey, 64% of men never discuss sex with their doctor.

Modern technology has created temporary and permanent fixes. Some, like penile implants, require surgery that can't be undone. There are vacuum pumps that force the penis to become erect. The bad news is, the erection goes away almost immediately when the pump is removed. There are, also, nonsurgical methods available, such as sliding a gel-coated pellet into the opening of the penis, or injecting medication into the base of the penis.

The most popular remedy for impotence these days is the new natural male enhancement pills. What exactly does 'enhancement' mean? According to the dictionary, enhancement means to raise something to a higher degree, magnify, intensify, or raise the value or price. So, in this case, 'enhancement' apparently means an assist in getting an erection.

Some of these natural sexual enhancement pills actually work, and many men are enjoying a satisfying sex life again. They won't return your abilities to a younger time of life, but they can definitely improve your erection, stamina and performance. An unwilling penis, or even a soft half-erected penis is not going to satisfy you or your partner. Of course, you may want to believe that oral sex, vibrators, dildos or strap-ons can get the job done and make your partner happy. Wrong! Toys are fun and useful, now and then, but a steady diet of toys can intensify the 'little' faults you see in your partner, but were not important when the sex was good.

Natural male enhancement pills can be a relatively safe alternative to the chemically laden ones. Despite many manufacturers' claims to the contrary, natural herbs and supplements will not create an automatic erection in 30 minutes! Most herbal supplements need to build up in the body before they create the desired erection. However, many people are not able to take prescribed medicinal supplements, such as Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra, because of the risk of adverse reactions and side effects. Most natural supplements are touted to have few, if any, side effects. And some of them actually work, says my husband, snickering and snorting behind his hand.

So,just because you're a diabetic does not mean you must accept sexual failure.

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