Do You Know The Coaching Formula For Success?

Atlanta, GA (PressExposure) September 05, 2007 -- Mark Maupin, Co Founder of Nation Real Estate Network, one the largest real estate investing Clubs in Michigan, said "thanks to taking the coaching from Matt Bacak, we have double the size of our club in Michigan." So what is the coaching formula for success? A recent article by Matt Bacak, the Powerful Promoter said "Have you heard of coaching? Not the coaching for sports teams, but the coaching in your business? In fact, you can become a business coach yourself and earn piles of cash. A leading business coach has a coaching formula that you can follow to make your coaching business run smoothly. This top coach has read and studied everything on coaching. She found a coaching formula and tweaked it. She used this coaching formula on both companies and people.

Using this coaching formula, she built one company to 22 million and another company to 88 million. So she knows what she is talking about. She says that coaching will give you whatever it is that you can imagine and want.

So what is this magical coaching formula? You may think it is going to be a complicated process like a math formula, but it is not. It is easy. You focus on six key skills.

Here's the coaching formula: 6 key skills

1. Listening 2. Relating 3. Empowering 4. Strategizing 5. Challenging 6. Requesting

In this formula the six key skills work together. You have to use them in the exact order in which they are presented. Let's look at the first skill which is "listening".

You need to learn how to listen. When we listen our minds tend to wander. When you really listen, you are so tuned in that all you focus on is the person speaking.

Use these seven steps to help you really listen to what is being said.

1.) Clear your mind.

2.) Have total silence when you are listening.

3.) Be non-judgmental. Don't give your opinion about what you are listening to. Don't agree or disagree with it. Simply listen.

4.) Reflect back what you have heard. This does not mean to give a verbatim account of what the other person said. Instead, it means giving the "essence" of what you heard.

5.) Use your heart and not just your ears. Listening is about using your gut, your inklings, and your heart.

6.) Clarify what you hear. If you don't understand you ask and don't just nod your head.

7.) Prompt the person speaking to continue. Signal that you understand and want to learn and hear more.

Try these skills when you're listening to your family, to your friends, and to your business colleagues. You would be surprised at how much more pertinent information you gather when you truly listen."

Additional tips to creating their own wealth include: Follow the piles of cash. Find people who have successfully [created wealth] and learn from them. "Matt Bacak is often called Coaching expert, the king of listening, relating, empowering, his students with his coaching formula for proven success" Said, Ralph Mark Maupin, co-founder of one the largest Michigan Real Estate Investing Clubs.

Remember, it's not only what they know, but who they learn it from. Learn from someone who is more successful then you. Learn the tricks of the trade and [internet marketing tips] from someone that has actually built wealth and not just written a book about it. Forget the past. It does not matter who they are or where they came from. Everyone deserves to be a millionaire.

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