Doing Exercise and Loving It - Renowned Weight Loss Specialist Tells How

Sydney, Nsw Australia (PressExposure) February 22, 2011 -- Assisted by his team of qualified personal trainers, Sydney's most popular boot camp trainer designs his fitness program to provide the ultimate results in health and fitness for his clients. More information on his fitness program is available on This personal trainer Sydney shares how to develop and stick to the habit of exercising.

Dan Clay is the owner of the personal fitness program Dangerously Fit and a popular boot camp fitness trainer. His boot camp workouts are based on years of scientific research and assure faster results. People can burn fat rapidly, lose weight and achieve a toned look with his boot camp program, promises Clay. Find out the tips from this personal trainer Sydney on how to make exercises integral to one's lifestyle.

Exercising helps increase physical activity, which is important for long-term health, says Clay. Exercise decreases the risk of many health problems including heart problems, increases stamina and helps tackle stress. Regular exercise helps fight signs of aging and keeps joints flexible, which makes movement easier. Exercise burn calories, adds Clay. Exercising four to six days a week for an uninterrupted 30 to 60 minutes is a good fitness goal, suggests Clay.

While exercising is beneficial, not many like it and many find it nearly impossible to stick to it. One way to overcome this exercise challenge is to slip it into one's daily routine, says Clay. Find opportunities to get involved in physical activity. For example, climb stairs instead of using the elevator, walk to the cafeteria or do yard work at home. This way one makes physical activity a part of their lives not limiting it to their exercise alone, points out the personal trainer Sydney.

Varying exercises is a good way to induce interest and relieve boredom, says Clay. Choose walking one day, alternate it with bicycling or vacuuming the next day. Clay's boot camp programs too reflect his philosophy of varied workouts. Doing so improves participant interest and makes exercises fun too, says the personal trainer Sydney.

Exercise need not be strictly gym-based, says Clay. Enjoying a favorite sport or walking to the zoo is also an exercise; what is more important that the doers enjoy the activity. Listening to music while exercising or having a partner for company during workouts are some ways to make exercise hours fun and enjoyable. Pointing out the advantages of his boot camp training program in this context, the personal trainer Sydney says that his fitness programs involve groups and as such it improves coordination and adjustment among participants. They are also fun, fresh and invigorating as participants have the opportunity to work out outdoors too, in a park or beach.

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