Don Barnhart Entertainment Announces 2010 Worldwide Comedy Tour To Entertain The Troops

Las Vegas, NV (PressExposure) July 26, 2009 -- /1888PressRelease/ Starting in 2010, The Don Barnhart Comedy Tour will start a year long stand up comedy tour that will entertain the the United States Military personal stationed around the world. This is a series of two week tours running each month all year long and will run both domestic and overseas reaching over 500,000 personnel at the 270 military installations around the globe. The importance of these performances brings a piece of home to those stationed far away from their loved ones.

Entertainment has always been one of the biggest morale boosters for the US Military and thousands of performers have served as a welcome sight to the millions of service men and women. Almost everyone has a family member, relative or friend serving in the military.

War and combat is one of the most stressful things a soldier will face and although they train for it, it's not always easy. Right now, we are seeing a huge increase in suicides for the soldiers and providing comedy shows for the troops is just one of the many ways our government is trying to deal with this tragic issue.

It has been said that, That laughter is the best medicine. It also turns out that comedy can be a preventative medicine as well. For years, comedians have been entertaining the troops. Bob Hope really started it and brought the importance of bringing a piece of home to the men and women serving in the military, says comedian Don Barnhart. Bryan "Bear" Patridge LTC, MP Commander agrees to the importance of humor, “It is a stress reliever. Combat zone or not, life for Soldiers is just plain tough at times. We have to be able to add some levity and not take ourselves so seriously all the time. Humor is and can be a common bond between the everyday Soldier and his leaders - regardless of rank”.

Statistics aren't in but when soldiers create a human connection with others the probability of suicide lowers. “These people are at war and it's really hard on them." Brian S. Hornback, CMSgt, USAF. “Your simple act of gratitude, support and dedication to the men and women in the United States Military not only defines what makes our country so great but remind us of what we're fighting for”.

Barnhart is one of the top comedians working today. He is an accomplished actor, writer and director with numerous television and film credits. Don wrote, directed and starred in the indie thriller, “China Dolls” and can be heard regularly on The Bob and Tom Show, XM and Sirius and is a veteran performer for The USO and Comics On Duty and has been entertaining the troops around the world for the last seventeen years.

Don is also the writer, director and star of the upcoming film, “Freeloader” and was nominated for the 2009 “Best Comedian” in Las Vegas and was the featured comedian on MySpace. He is the creator and host of the syndicated TV series, “The Freedom of Speech Comedy Show” which was selected for the 2008 Comedy Festival in Montreal and won the 2007 American Idol Underground Comedy Contest as well as being voted “One of the top 100 comedians to see” 3 years in a row. Barnhart is also a contributing author on, “I Killed: True Stories of the Road by America’s Top Comics” which the N.Y. Times called, “Hilarious”.

Linda Vu, the exotic actress and star of the indie film, “China Dolls”, hosts the show. Vu is also a certified fitness instructor, author and model. There will be a rotating cast of two guest comedians.

Comedy Entertainment goes a long way in boosting the morale of troops and the tour is being sponsored by an assortment of companies whose brand or logo will be featured on show banners, tee shirts, autograph cards, promotional giveaways and more helping to create good will and show their support of the troops and be branded with the “All American” image. The show is co-sponsored by AFE (Armed Forces Entertainment) Our partnership with Armed Forces Entertainment and MWR gives us the full support of the military and Department of Defense getting our shows to and from the military installations.

The print and news media are constantly running stories on the life of soldiers and having your logo displayed in these feel good stories will help to increase your products trust and likability Many of the tours have been covered by CNN, Star & Strips, local media and the worldwide press. Immediately following the show, the performers sign autographs and take pictures with the troops. Many of the soldiers stay in contact with their family and friends back home through the internet and post these pictures on their Facebook, MySpace and Flicker accounts.

Intended stops include but are not limited to: Pacific: Japan, Okinawa, Korea, Guam, Hawaii, Singapore, Kwajalein, Micronesia and Australia. South, Southwest, Central Asia: Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, Djibouti, Kyrgyzstan, Diego Garcia. The Western Hemisphere: Greenland, Honduras, Cuba, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Andross Island. The Mediterranean: Italy, Greece, Spain, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt/Sinai, Portugal/Azores. Europe/Balkans: Germany, UK, Norway, Belgium,Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Netherlands

In real life it is tough to be funny but try doing it with explosions and sirens going off in the background. Comedy is even tougher when the logistics of entertainment demand a flak jacket and helmet. Comedians who visit war zones to entertain troops adjust their routines to perform in places like hangars, flight decks, flat beds, land mine fields, mess tents, even in sickly mud and rain. The experience is often unsettling in the presence of danger and in an environment ravaged by war. Still, many comedians choose such tours.

"It is an honor to entertain them. If I knew how to bake cookies, I would, but I'm much better at telling jokes. The pride is intense even though I feel like the water boy on a Super Bowl team”, says award winning comedian Don Barnhart. Actor Christian Slater agrees, “It truly is an honor to be here”. Each tour is different. If it is a large base, comedians may start from there and perform satellite shows at smaller bases. Or they may hop from one location to the next. If there's a security threat they travel to a different base before returning.

Don Barnhart Entertainment is the premier booking agency for comedy shows around the world and award winning comedian Don Barnhart also serves as one of the top comedy club consultants in the country. Besides his busy touring schedule, Don is currently involved with the opening and booking of three new comedy clubs throughout the United States as well as booking and producing shows for the military, special events and comedy concerts. Over the last 25 years, Barnhart has consulted on the opening, operations and marketing of numerous comedy clubs that are still thriving today despite the economy.

Don Barnhart Entertainment is proud to present the best American entertainers giving the troops a well-deserved break from the action and still has room for a limited number of sponsors. If you or your businesses interested in being a part of the tour or becoming a sponsor please contact Don Barnhart Entertainment for more information.

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