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Azul Conservation Products Digital Shower Timers Are a fun and affordable way to promote water conservation at your eco hotel!

Linen reuse programs, low flow fixtures and ozone laundry systems aren’t the only ways to save water at your green hotel. Some eco hotels also encourage their guests to help conserve water by participating in the Shorter Shower Program TM

Reducing your guest’s shower time can have a notable impact on your community’s water supply – and on your hotel’s bottom line. For example, did you know: o Each hotel guest spends an average of 16.2 minutes in the shower* o The average room uses 71.4 gallons of water per day for showering* o By instituting the Shorter Shower Program TM and getting only 50% participation, a 100-room hotel can save over $1,700 per year year by reducing the average shower to 12 minutes.

See table below: Annual water and energy savings for every 100 rooms based on 4 minutes shower reduction.

Participation Rates (%) Annual ($) Savings per 100 Rooms 50% $1733.50 30% $1040.10 20% $693.40 10% $346.70

Methodology: This is based on 75% occupancy and includes the cost of the digital shower timer. Full cost benefit analysis available upon request.

But simply placing a placard in the bathroom to ask people to reduce their shower time just isn’t a very effective – or fun – way to encourage them to take shorter showers. That’s why EcoGreenHotel is pleased to feature the Digital Shower Timer from Azul Conservation Products.

These waterproof, shatterproof battery-operated timers are designed to be securely attached to a non-porous surface in the shower, where they count down the minutes and then beep to alert you that your shower time is up.

In addition to the blue star timer, a cute rubber duck, also a turtle, a green house, and white stars and a sleek black square. Azul will customize timers to include your eco hotel’s brand, making them a great way to communicate to your guests about your green hotel’s commitment to environmental stewardship. Azul Conservation Products can even help you design your own custom shape digital shower timer. And because your guests will surely want their own timers to use at home, custom branded timers make a perfect addition to your gift shop or mini-bar.

Azul’s digital shower timers start at $8.00 with a four month payback period per unit. And when the digital shower timers are offered retail, each digital shower timer is paid for with each sale of the shower timers-- paying for itself immediately. Special pricing can be arranged for bulk orders.

Azul Conservation Products was started by Florencia Ramirez, a work-at-home mother of three small children.

“I never thought twice about it when I turned on the water in my shower every morning until I read an article urging us to shorten our showers,” Ramirez explained. “At first, it seemed trivial but then I saw the data and it was staggering. On average each person uses 11,232 gallons of water per year. This translates to roughly 1.5 trillion gallons of water used for showering in the U.S. per year -- or enough water to fill up Lake Erie!”

In addition to the digital shower timers, Azul also markets water collection buckets, hourglass-style timers and gift packs, all of which are manufactured by an Australian company called Ripple Products.

Ramirez is also preparing to release a series of children’s books about water conservation. The books can also be custom branded.

“I want to help create a healthier, more vibrant world for my children and that means getting involved to protect it,” she said. “Seeing my kids run around playing is what inspires me to keep going. It may seem like what I’m doing is a drop in the bucket but if we all help out, those buckets will add up to lakes, rivers and beyond.”

EcoGreenHotel salutes Florencia Ramirez, Azul Conservation Products and Ripple Product’s Digital Shower Timers for helping the hospitality industry conserve water! For information about how to add Azul products to your eco hotel’s conservation efforts, visit [].

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*Source: Pacific Institute/Western Resource Advocates

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