Don't Want To Have A Culture Shock In Australia? Learn The Culture Now!

St Paul, AR (PressExposure) September 23, 2009 -- Since you're not born from Australia you need to learn their culture as you don't want to be called arrogant. It may have a huge or less different with your own culture, yet you need to understand fully to know what you need to act if you're living in Australia. At first you may feel frustrated, lonely or homesick. Remember that these feelings are normal and are experienced by all travellers. They will subside with time and as you become more familiar with your surroundings and make new friends.

Personal space - Australia is a big country with a small population, so we're used to having plenty of personal space. It's strange to be in circumstances where you must stand alongside each other with others. Try to leave at least an arm's length of space.

Dress - Australians lean to dress casually. If more formal dress is necessary, you will typically be told. You have to feel liberated to dress in the way you feel is culturally suitable for you.

Queuing - people queue when they are waiting in turn for something (such as a taxi, bus, at a ticket counter, or for a cashier). Never push in front of others or "jump the queue"--it won't be tolerated.

Punctuality - if you can't remain an appointment or invitation, or are running late, always call to give explanation before the event.

Smoking - Always ask for permission to smoke as it is banned in government buildings, on public transport as well as domestic and many international flights, theatres, shopping centres and many indoor and outdoor public meeting places. Many restaurants may not allow smoking by law.

Equality - Australians believe all individuals have equal social, legal and political rights, as protected by the Australian Constitution, and like to be treated equally.

Spitting - spitting in public is illegal and can cause offence. In Australia, it is a courtesy to others to shower daily and use deodorant.

Littering - Australia is environmentally conscious and littering is illegal. If you litter, you may be fined.

Table manners - Australians usually use dinner service for meals at home or in restaurants. If you don't know which utensil to use for a particular course, ask first or watch and follow what others do. You can eat with your fingers at informal meals such as a picnic or barbeque.

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