DotCom is Just A Name, Not a Company

Putte, Netherlands (PressExposure) April 20, 2009 -- I am in the internet business now for a coouple of years but still not successful. Why is that? Well, some say it's just a wild guess and others will say it is not true but my own experience tell's me it is. Doing real business on the internet is only possible when you have a domain name that ends at ".com" period. So why isn't everybody using a dotcom domain? If it was that simple there was no need for me to write this release is it? First of all doing business is not much different from doing it in the physical world. If you want to sell apples but the name of your store says toys, then I guess you won't get many customers who wants to buy an apple. This means thay will come into your store, look arround, finding no toys at all like the name of your store suggested and leave. And believe me, you won't see them again. On the internet it goes just the same with only one difference. In a physical store you are there to watch people come in and you can speak to them and try to convince that, while they are there, taste one of your delicious apples and maybe they buy one. But on the internet it is impossible to see when someone visits your website (unless you are sitting in front of your computer, watching traffic at your site all day long) and you have no way to tell them what it really is you are selling. No, when your sit is called toys but you want to sell apples you will not sell anything, never. Okay, why am I telling you this? If I want to sell apples online I just name my site apples and people will find it and buy my apples. Sure, only... there already is a site called apples, so now what? Give it an other name? No, like I've told you in the beginning, this won't work. Try to sell something else? Maybe but then you need to have something else to sell and you need to know something about it too to be able to sell it so that's no solution. Let me picture it for you. Dotcom is a big shopping mall, the only mall on the internet that people know and trust. And when your store is not in that mall, no one will ever visit it. So, you say, open your store in that mall and you're in. Yes, that is possible but all the good spots in the mall are taken already or for sale at very high prices you can't affort. So now what? Why can't there be a second mall or a third or sixth? Because people only trust the dotcom mall. For example, when a drugsdealer has money, buys a good spot in the dotcom mall and tells you he is selling energy food, will you buy it? I think so because he is in the dotcom mall and that's always ok. Sorry to wake you up but it is not ok. There are other malls such as doteu or dotdk or dotcoud or dotnl or dotbe oer.... Getting my point? Don't act as a donkey following the carrot and look arround you. It is a big world and there are a lot of malls out there maybe better and cheaper then the dotcom mall.

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