Dr Brent Moellenken Offers Innovative Hybrid Tummy Tuck as a Beverly Hills Surgeon

Beverly Hills, LA (PressExposure) March 11, 2011 -- Dr. Brent Moellenken offers an innovative hybrid tummy tuck as a Beverly Hills Surgeon. This procedure is unique, effective, and has a much faster recovery rate. Dr. Brent Moellenken's Beverly Hills patients experience a much better plastic surgery experience because of the expertise and knowledge of this plastic surgeon.

This Beverly Hills Surgeon offers a popular hybrid abdominoplasty. In layman's terms this is a tummy tuck and is very popular. One group of patients who seek this procedure is women. This is especially true of women who have had children. Many women who have had children tend to develop a bulge. This bulge is similar to a hernia and is formed because of the tearing a woman's abdominal muscles go through during pregnancy.

The Beverly Hills surgeon, Dr. Brent Moellenken, offers this hybrid abdominoplasty. This is a specialized tummy tuck procedure called a hybrid Tummy tuck. This hybrid tummy tuck involves a much smaller incision than a traditional tummy tuck. The size of the incision is nearly the length of a cesarean section incision. A traditional tummy tuck incision goes from one hip to the other. However, Dr. Brent Moellenken uses the new procedure with patients as it offers a variety of benefits to patients.

Patients of this Beverly Hills surgeon have much better recovery periods after the hybrid tummy tuck procedure. The recovery is much easier for a large part due to the size of the incision. As the incision is smaller, this leads to a smaller area of discomfort and pain. Swelling is common right around the incision after surgery. Swelling can limit mobility at times due to sensitivity and some pain. The incision made by the hybrid tummy tuck is much smaller and thus less swelling. This will allow patients to become more mobile after surgery which helps the healing process.

Some men also desire this sought after plastic surgery procedure like women. Men, especially over 40, tend to develop a bulge in one's stomach. As people get older, the stomach area is very difficult to lose weight and tone. The hybrid tummy tuck procedure performed by Dr. Brent Moellenken helps men in this situation which is why many seek out the surgery.

Dr. Brent Moellenken has a great deal of experience in the hybrid tummy tuck procedure. This Beverly Hills surgeon works diligently and professionally with patients to determine their success rate of this innovative procedure. This procedure is not appropriate for all patients, but Dr. Moellenken is highly skilled at determining which patients will experience success with this plastic surgery procedure.

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Brent Moelleken, MD, FACS is a Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon with private practice offices in Beverly Hills and Santa Barbara. Dr. Moelleken has several innovated and trademarked procedures including USIC and LUSIC ultrashort incision cheeklift procedures, the 360 Facelift a natural 3-D facelift procedure, the Hybrid tummy tuck, a short incision, full tightening tummy tuck procedure, LiveFill - lip and facial augmentation, all natural facial fillers using natural fat , the Neck-Lace, an interlacing technique to rejuvenate the neck.

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