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Beverly Hills, CA (PressExposure) October 22, 2011 -- Gynecomastia is a condition faced by young and old men where their breasts seem enlarged. Usually, it is caused by a malfunctioning of the male androgen hormones and occurs when the glandular tissue expands out. The operation is done for aesthetics concerns and can be done via liposuction or through cutting in the glandular tissue. Fortunately, a Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon by the name of Dr. Glenn Vallecillos may be able to help. It is imperative to seek advice from a certified surgeon once the individual suspects they have Gynecomastia. Dr. Glenn is able to rule out between breasts suffering from this condition and breast enlargement caused by eating lots of fat, or an enlargement caused by excessive working out and body building exercises. Breast cancer does affect men though rarely but it's important for the doctor to perform biopsies to check for any cancerous cells.

When one is seeking advice on what to do about Gynecomastia surgery Beverly Hills, they should consult with a renowned surgeon such as the Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon. He is one of the most qualified surgeons known to correct this male condition and has a vast amount of knowledge as far as surgery is concerned. He is a board member of the Certified Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills and is a professional in his area of expertise. The surgeon is committed to offering education and information for those seeking help with Gynecomastia surgery Beverly Hills and other related skin conditions. Dr. Glenn also offers knowledge on skin conditions to other doctors and nurses.

Dr. Glenn is also a specialist in modifying calves to have a certain shape, size and contour. This surgery is usually performed to correct birth defects or accidents. Some people do visit calf implant surgeon Beverly Hills to have surgery done for cosmetic reasons. It is performed by placing silicon plates through incisions behind the knee to improve the look of the calf. Calf implants can adjust bowed legs by straightening them, it can also be performed on individuals who have had polio and those who have very skinny legs can increase the thickness of the leg. The operation lasts for about an hour but recovery period takes a few days at which the patient should minimize movement. When the patient's starts walking, they may feel soreness in the area but it usually subsides within a week.

Over the years, the doctor has received sky high ratings based on his performance in the field of surgery. He has brought a lot of satisfaction to those he has treated and continually looks for ways to enhance or correct any body aspects that one wishes; he is the fairy of cosmetic surgery.

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