Dr Kushagra Katariya Artemis Hospital Perform Rare Heart Surgery & Miraculously Saves Near Dying Heart Patient

New Delhi, India (PressExposure) August 28, 2009 -- Shailesh Devi a resident of Gurgaon has lost all hopes of life. Leading hospitals (both Govt and Private) and top heart surgeons of Delhi denied to perform a surgery due to critical condition of her heart. Her family, friends and relatives have lost all hopes, until Dr. Kushagra Kataria, CEO and Chief Cardiothoracic Surgeon of Artemis Health Institute, decided to give a new life to this 33 year old woman, who was suffering from a large blood clot in an artery near her heart, doctors said on Wednesday.

For Shailesh, the ordeal began in January when she experienced difficulty in breathing and chest pain. On examination, doctors told her about the congenital defect that had resulted in weakening of blood vessels in the heart. ‘‘We had gone to several hospitals, but doctors refused to take my case’’.

Doctors had also found that her "aortic valve was not functioning properly" for which an artificial valve had to be implanted. Despite the risks involved the surgery had to be carried out, said Dr. Kushagra Katariya, as "this was Shailesh's only chance".

The team of experts at Artemis Hospital performed a rare multiple cardiovascular surgery that lasted eight hours. Shailesh Devi, who lives in Gurgaon and was admitted to the Artemis Health Institute with chest pain and breathlessness along with palpitation induced by exertion.

The complex live saving heart surgery involved multiple procedures which are very rare in the medical history. The 8 hour procedure that happened on August 10 involved "aortic valve replacement, aortic arch grafting, artery reconstruction and patient revival".

Dr. Kushagra Kataria, who has experience of approximate 1000 heart surgeries, guided doctors to perform this heart surgery despite many other heart surgeons in Delhi , Gurgaon and other NCR regions have denied to perform due to high risk that could include the death of the patient over the operation table.

No wonder Dr. Kushagra Katariya of Artemis Health Institute Gurgaon has a miraculous hand. Contact Dr. Kushagra Katariya: http://readit.in/artemis/2009/08/contact-dr-kushagra-katariya/

After the surgery, Dr. Kushagra Katariya said: "This was one of the most complex surgeries I have undertaken due to the sheer nature of the case. The highest risk that we encountered was due to the abnormally large size of the aneurysm, which led to the aneurysmal aorta being stuck to the back of the chest. The tear extended to the artery that supplies blood to the brain. Therefore, it meant that utmost care had to be taken from the time we entered the chest cavity. The chances of perforation were very high, which could have led to instant death."

Sailesh Devi, for whom Artemis Hospital and Dr. Kushagra Katariaya has played he role of and angel and god, is Still recuperating and preparing for another corrective surgery. She has no words of praise for Dr. Sahab and Artemis Health Institute. She said: "This is incredible for me and my family. I had been declined treatment by some of the leading private and government healthcare facilities in Delhi, due to the complexity of the case and low chances of survival. We had nearly given up all hope. But then I happened to come to Artemis... I now want to get back to my work at the earliest possible."

The surgery was also rare due to the fact that the patient was clinically-dead for 17 minutes, while doctors at Artemis Health Institute drained out blood from a woman’s body and reconstructed part of her aorta and innomimate artery to give her a ‘‘second life’’.

“The body functions were brought to a complete halt. She was clinically dead for nearly 17 minutes,’’ said Dr Kushagra Katariya, CEO and chief Cardiothoracic surgeon, Artemis Health Institute.

The surgery is divided in two stages and for now only one stage has been completed. ‘‘It is a very complicated case as there is lots of damage to the heart. We have replaced part of the aorta with a synthetic graft and used another graft, which is smaller in size than the previous one, to create an outlet connecting the new graft to the innominate artery,’’ said Dr Katariya, who operated upon Shailesh.

Doctors said the surgery was very risky. ‘‘We took extra care. Even a few minutes’ break in blood supply to brain can result in irreversible damage. That is why, we reduced the body temperature almost halted the body functions. During the procedure we also passed small quantity of cold blood to the brain. After the surgery, our main concern was to see that Shailesh’s body functions are working. We are happy that her body overcame that phase,’’ said Dr. Katariya.

Contact Dr. Kushagra Katariya: http://readit.in/artemis/2009/08/contact-dr-kushagra-katariya/

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Contact Dr. Kushagra Katariya: http://readit.in/artemis/2009/08/contact-dr-kushagra-katariya/

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