Dr Paul Yanick Discusses The Importance Of Synbiotic Nutrients

New Smyrna Beach, FL (PressExposure) January 30, 2009 -- Florida, USA. January 8th, 2009: Dr. Paul Yanick shed light on the nourishment value of the synbiotic nutrients that help curb numerous diseases in the human body.

Synbiotic nutrients are one of the major factors that strengthen probiotic commensal cells to fight against invading bacteria and pollutants. But almost ninety percent of the commensal probiotic cells die off in a cellucide process without symbiotic nourishment. The probiotic and synbiotic nutrient concepts have become the focus of intense scientific interest, with Robert G. Martindale, MD, PhD of the Medical College of Georgia stating, “The use of probiotics in the treatment of specific diseases has evolved into an extremely valuable option yet to be optimally used in clinical medicine.”

In a published study entitled “Synbiotic Control of Inflammation and Infection in Transplantation,” Stig Bengmark, MD, PhD, Department of Hepatology and Surgery, University College of London (UCL) states that synbiotics “have proven effective to reduce inflammation and infection...and stimulate the innate immune system.”

Synbiotic nutrients are powerful because they are pre-digested by commensal cells and turned into amazing nourishing elements that you never find in your multiple vitamins. In fact, synbiotics are rarely found in probiotic supplements. But unfortunately, today, environmental factors (pollution, mold etc) and man-made chemicals and technological upgrades render most of the commensal cells sterile and ineffective.

Our culture has gone too far in its preventive war against germs. "There’s an invisible epidemic of cellucide" says Paul Yanick, PhD, the research director of the American Academy of Quantum Medicine. “Clearly, man-made chemicals and pharmaceuticals are killing off our commensal cells at alarming rates making us woefully deficient in synbiotic nutrition” Yanick says.

Yanick’s new e-book 'Cellucide' focuses on one of the greatest unknown questions about commensal cells: How do they make synbiotic nutrients needed to cleanse our body of unwanted inflammation and pollutants and keep us healthy? "We're not getting what we used to [through diet], and we're killing our innate commensal cells," he said. "As a result, the balance of our commensal cell population has diminished, sometimes with disastrous effects on our immune system."


Finding the probiotic-synbiotic supplement is difficult for average consumers, but hugely rewarding. In the 2006 Nature Medicine journal, researchers at the University of British Columbia found that the human-commensal cell teamwork make us a “super-organism with immense metabolic diversity and capacity.”

For more information on The 'Tinnitus-Free, Naturally' e-book, contact: Dr. Paul Yanick (e-mail) qrt@quantafoods.com.

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