Dripcatch LLC Launches New restaurant kitchen equipment Product That Promises To Increase Safety In Industrial Kitchens Everywhere

Seattle, WA (PressExposure) May 12, 2011 -- The DripCatch is a new commercial kitchen equipment product that expected to serve as the catalyst for a much-needed safety movement in the food and beverage industry. There is a salient need for safer industrial and commercial kitchens in an industry where employee liability claims constantly choke business owners' profit margins. In 2009 alone, Slip and fall claims within the work place nearly reached the 2 billion dollar mark (Bureau of Labor and Statistics). This dramatic profit loss impacted restaurants, hotels, and any business with employees working in kitchens. With slip and fall claims taking first place in liability cost within every business, the launch of DripCatch has already caught the nation's attention.

What problem does the DripCatch solve? The DripCatch combines with commercial kitchen glass racks to eliminate leaks and spills that routinely create an unsafe kitchen work environment. Glass racks feature a penetrable design that functions to carry and protect glassware in commercial dishwashers, However, glass racks are not designed to catch any liquid before it hits the ground, and regularly result in kitchen spills. Stacks of glass racks containing unwashed glassware regularly pose a major safety concern in industrial kitchens, making it extremely difficult for business owners to adhere government-enforced safety and health codes.

The DripCatch solves this problem. Each Dripcatch is placed on the groun and holds a stack of glass racks. The Dripcatch's design captures all of the liquid traveling down from the glass racks above.

The DripCatch was created by a restaurant server tired of both falling and watching her colleagues get injured at work- all due to glass rack-related water hazards. "The liquid all over the floor every night wasn't just the result of random spills that come with being busy," states DripCatch inventor and company president, Alexandra Abraham, "it just took me awhile to figure out why that liquid was there-in the same places causing the same employee injuries, night after night."

Abraham explains that her excitement for releasing the DripCatch to the public, journeys beyond helping companies keep their employees safe, but making everyone's' jobs easier. It's easily understood within the food and beverage world that time is money. "No more employee hazard forms to fill out in the middle of a Friday night rush, or taking to time to find your 'caution wet' signs...it just adds to the fluidity of a busy, yet safe and profitable night," says Abraham.

The company has high hopes for their product shifting the way the industry looks at safety hazards, as they encourage people to begin coming up with the solutions necessary to reduce business owners' liability costs. Tthe DripCatch is modestly priced and is available in bulk discounts. The company expects the product to be a fixture in many hotel chains and restaurants within the next 6 months. In the meantime, Abraham continues to engage in an ongoing dialogue with the government and with top insurance companies in an effort to to get mandates passed and premiums offered for any restaurant using the DripCatch.

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The DripCatch combines with commercial kitchen glass racks to eliminate leaks and spills that routinely create an unsafe kitchen work environment.

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