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Drive Knoxville, TN (PressExposure) March 04, 2009 -- The world today is under the pressure of the global financial crisis. The rich are no longer getting richer and surely the poor are distressed, more than ever. What medical and social scientists are trying to figure out now is that, amidst the situations that people face, still, drug addiction continues.

There are two kinds of drug addiction, the physical where the individual is not able to do daily activities normally if drugs are not used; while the mental addiction develops when the individual turns to drug use when he/she is unable to face circumstances that are present. Either way, these people who befall the trappings of overdose and abuse are taken into adolescent drug rehab where they are treated to reverse the effects of these drugs. Furthermore, it aims for a total reformation not just by treatment, but also by getting patients ready to face the world without drugs.

Drug addiction for the users offer temporary relief from problems and turn to drugs to suppress unwanted feelings of sadness, anger, distress and the like. adolescent drug rehab develops a discipline that acknowledges the dependence to chemicals which causes not only fraudulent results, but possibly death. There are drugs such as alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamines, amphetamines and heroin which destroy cells and drastically regresses normal physical, mental and emotional functions.

When these drug dependents undergo adolescent drug rehab, a program of detoxification is used to combat the dependence and prepare them for a future that is a drug-free and progressive. Studies found that drugs are stored in the fat tissues of the body where they may be stored for a year’s span. And since drugs are quickly undetectable in the blood stream and urine, this causes problems in treatment as accumulated drug residues continue to cause craving and dependence. Adolescent drug rehab aims also to reduce levels of the body’s toxicity and gradually to abolish them from the body.

Difficult it is to resist, especially when the residues of drugs in fat tissues flow to the bloodstream when the person is under stress or uninvited feelings such as pain and discomfort. For example, marijuana can be found in urine up to 77 days after its last use. Drug addiction here is like a cycle where no matter which way you go, it still ends to itself. Thus, to abolish drug addiction must involve complex processes or different stages to ensure that the goals are met. adolescent drug rehab must establish these schemes directed to long term results, not only focusing on surfaced problems such as physical state and well-being, but also targeting a purposeful aim of completely eliminating drug substances in the body.

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