DryHero Adds Duct Cleaning Services to Lincoln Nebraska

Lincoln, Nebraska (PressExposure) September 23, 2013 -- DryHero of Lincoln Nebraska, a mold remediation and water damage restoration firm, has added in house duct cleaning to their list of services.

DryHero believes ductwork naturally collects a lot of dust, debris and particulate matter. Dust in ductwork is normal and not by itself an immediate air quality concern. However, if your home has sustained a significant water damage event or you have had visible mold growth, it may be prudent to inspect the HVAC air handler and duct system for mold. The dust within your duct system is ripe with biological matter that easily supports mold growth under the right circumstances.

DryHero believes that air duct cleaning is an important part of their mold remediation and water damage restoration protocols. Since the HVAC system redistributes the air withing your home, it's also a vehicle for spreading mold contamination. Due the the very small size of mold spores, they are easily picked up the the cold air return and will sail right through furnace filters. DryHero offers FREE mold inspections for of air ducts in Lincoln Nebraska.

Air ducts can support a broad range of mold and bacteria under the right conditions. DryHero recommends that your air ducts be inspected if you suspect mold or water damage has effected your HVAC or duct system. According to the company, even high summertime humidity is enough to create the growth of mold when chronic conditions exist.

The design, installation, operation and maintenance of HVAC systems are important factors in controlling microorganism germination, growth, amplification and dissemination. In addition, mold growth from other causes can be carried to the interior of HVAC system components where it can accumulate and degrade system operation. When system operation is affected, this can result in poor environmental control that allows widespread condensation to form. This can lead to the spread of contamination by the system and increase the scope of the mold problem by dispersing contaminants throughout a building.

Ductwork with a non-porous internal surface (e.g., galvanized sheet metal) responds well to remediation. However, sections of internally lined ductwork, duct board or flexible ductwork that are Condition 3 cannot be successfully cleaned, and therefore such ducting with active mold growth should be removed and replaced.

According to the company, better filtration can also improve your home's indoor air quality by removing potentially harmful allergens, mold, pollen, pet dander and human skin cells, which can support dust mite populations.

DryHero has been providing restoration services in Lincoln and eastern Nebraska since 2003. They have an A+ rating with the Nebraska Better Business Bureau (BBB) and have been voted the number one restoration company in Nebraska by Bizvotes.

DryHero provides free inspections and consultations to Nebraska residents concerned about their home's air quality after a water damage event or after discovering mold contamination. To schedule your free inspection, call DryHero.

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