Dry Fluorescent Microspheres 10um to 1000um (1mm) Now Available from Cospheric

Santa Barbara, CA (PressExposure) October 01, 2009 -- Cospheric LLC is now offering a product line of fluorescent microspheres in particle size ranges from 10um to 1000um (1mm). Fluorescent polymer microspheres are screened to the tightest quality specifications and are supplied in powder form. Two grades of fluorescent microspheres are currently available for purchase.

UVYGPMS polymer microspheres appear translucent in regular room light, but have a strong fluorescent response in UV light. A thin layer of translucent (clear) microspheres is practically invisible under ordinary light, but when energized by ultraviolet (UV) light microspheres emit intense yellow green visible color. Unlike most fluorescent microspheres currently available on the market, Cospheric microspheres are very robust, stable in most solvents, and capable of withstanding temperatures up to 90C.

“Invisible” fluorescent polymer microspheres have numerous applications in diagnostics, troubleshooting, process flow, medical research and other industries. Since operators and lab personnel can not see the microspheres in the daylight, ”invisible” microspheres can be used as a reliable marker in blind tests, enabling controlled method and process development, testing for sources of contamination, analyzing process bottle-necks and material flow. The spheres can become visible at any point in the process by exposing them to UV light.

UVBGPMS polymer microspheres appear bright yellow in regular room light, and show a brilliant blue-green response to UV light. Yellow fluorescent microspheres have numerous uses as high visibility marker with a strong response to UV light.

Fluorescent microspheres have been known for years in biotechnology industry, which mostly uses submicron particles for blood flow determination, tracing, in vivo imaging and calibration of imaging and flow cytometry instruments. Availability of polymer fluorescent microspheres in particle sizes up to 1mm dramatically expands the range of possible applications.

Cospheric is offering fluorescent microspheres in the widest range of particle sizes from 10um to 1000um. Customers have a choice of twenty tight particle size distributions, starting with 10um – 27um, all the way up to 850um - 1000um. Samples of microspheres can be ordered at Cospheric’s website at http://www.cospheric.com. Microspheres in custom colors and sizes are available by request.

About Cospheric LLC

Cospheric LLC develops and manufactures high-quality polyethylene microspheres, including clear, white, black (magnetic or static-dissipative), green, yellow and several grades of fluorescent microspheres in sizes from 10um to 1000um. Cospheric specializes in manufacturing custom microspheres for customers’ unique specifications. Cospheric is an eco-friendly company that uses only recyclable materials and no solvents in the manufacturing process. For more information, pricing and sample requests visit http://www.cospheric.com

About Microspheres:

Microspheres are spherical particles usually between 1 to 1000 microns in diameter and are manufactured for wide variety of uses in research, medicine, consumer goods, paints and coatings, adhesives, personal care, household products, cosmetics, skin care, and other industries.

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