Dryout Inc. and Sentinel Hydrosolutions LLC Team Up

Fort Myers, Florida (PressExposure) June 25, 2008 -- While the nation's levee systems are bearing the brunt of storms, homes are regularly at risk of flooding even when located far away from the flood plains. That's because burst pipes and overflowing plumbing problems don't care where you live. They can happen anytime, anywhere. If this type of flood occurs while you are at home, you can minimize the damage by shutting off the water. But what if you are at work - or worse yet - on vacation? That's where Sentinel Hydrosolution's Leak Defense System comes in.

Dryout, a nationwide network of water damage remediation professionals, recently announced their partnership with Sentinel Hydrosolutions LLC. Mark Decherd, Dryout's president said, "After all, what better way to keep your home dry than to actively monitor water flow and shut off the water should all signs point to a disastrous water leak? Not only will you save on your water bill, you'll minimize water damage."

This system monitors the home's water flow rate and automatically notifies the homeowner or a third party monitoring company when the flow rate exceeds pre-set limits. Not only that, the Leak Defense System will shut off the water supply thus preventing further damage.

Imagine how much damage an unchecked leak can cause. If a pipe bursts in the upstairs bathroom when the homeowner is away, the water damage will be significant with water pouring through the bathroom floor to the rooms down below. As the water continues flowing, the damage spreads further and further, potentially affecting the entire house.

A simple water monitoring and alarm system from Sentinel Solutions followed by a quick call to the local Dryout affiliate dramatically reduces the risk of flooding and severe water damage from burst pipes. The Leak Defense System is fully programmable with an intuitive touch screen display. Simply hook up the Leak Defense System to a telephone auto dialer and program in emergency phone numbers, such as a cell phone or office number, to be alerted to a potential leak while away from home.

Should a pipe burst, the water heater topple over, or some other plumbing calamity occur, the water will be immediately shut off and the emergency number dialed.

Decherd said, "You'll still have a bit of a mess on your hands but the water damage will be minimal compared to if you didn't have this system. Whether or not you have the Leak Defense System installed, Dryout will come out and mitigate the damage."

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