Dust Storm Pool Problems? Zodiac has the Answers

Brisbane, Australia (PressExposure) November 18, 2009 -- With the recent devastating dust storms in NSW and Queensland, it seems many pool owners have been suffering the consequences.

The storms created two main problems. Many may have noticed that their water has turned cloudy and green meaning that they now have algae. This is because the dust is rich in nutrients and this together with warm weather (particularly in Queensland) has created perfect conditions for algae blooms.

The other common problem is that the dust remains in the pool water making it cloudy despite vacuuming and running the pump.

Zodiac, the market leader in pool technology and equipment supplies, has some simple solutions to get your pool back to its sparkling best.


Because there are three common types of algae Zodiac have a range of six different PQ products to remove algae and prevent them from reoccurring. Getting the right product is the key to getting your pool back into tiptop condition quickly. You’ll need to talk to your local Zodiac Pool Dealer about the specifics of the algae in your pool so that they can recommend the best PQ product to treat the problem.

Cloudy Water

The fine dust particles are being suspended in your pool, and because they’re too fine to be trapped in the filter they make your pool look cloudy. Adding PQ Natural Water Clarifier will group the fine particles together so they can be trapped by the filter and removed.

Sparkling Clean

It’s also important that you give the pool and all of your pool equipment a really good clean to ensure that the problem doesn’t suddenly reappear later on. Following the steps below will remove phosphates and remaining dust from your pool preventing further problems from occurring (If you already have algae follow the instructions recommended by your Zodiac Pool Dealer).

Step 1: Backwash your filter or if you have a cartridge filter remove the cartridge and clean it with PQ Concentrated Filter Cleaner

Step 2: Take a water sample to your local pool shop to test for phosphates - even if you don’t think you have a problem it’s a good idea to have it tested now to prevent possible algae blooms. You will also need to know the phosphate levels for Step 3.

Step 3: Add PQ Ultimate Phosphate Remover to your pool via the skimmer basket. Following the instructions on the bottle.

Step 4: Add PQ Natural Clarifier to your pool (straight after adding Phosphate Remover). Follow the dosage directions on the bottle.

Step 5: Run your pump for 24 hours and then perform a quick backwash and rinse.

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