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Dallas, Texas (PressExposure) January 11, 2010 -- EMDMC is a privately held Texas based company specializing in the next generation of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) services. Our solution provides a total online solution to EMR, thus freeing up time for professionals and patients, and providing a service of saving lives. With a total online solution, we can provide life-saving services in a matter of seconds versus hours or days.

Our service gives patients the ability to have their records viewed by professionals at the time when they need it the most- when they are sick. With the Emergency Access section- any medical professional (with the user's code) can view the patient's medical records, personal family history, current medication, allergies, and contact information of the patient's medical professionals.

On the professional side, we have the ability to adapt to any professional office's environment. We will sit down with the office employees and their doctors to create a "cyber-office". This allows employees the ability to increase productivity and efficiency so they can focus on what matters most- the patient. The clinician template tab allows us the ability to create an office document electronically so that data entry is instantaneous. Even if the doctor enjoys paper in the office, the staff can directly input the data on our server in a matter of seconds.


A. Security is our #1 concern- We have created a system that implements all possible security features available to access our site with total confidence. We are constantly searching and updating our security features in order to provide our users the safest possible experience when it comes to securing their medical records online.

B. EMDMC DOES NOT sell user contact information. The formation of our company is to provide a service of convenience to our users and promote health and safety of life. Our internal email system was created with security- we fashioned it so that users can not spam professional and personal email accounts trying to sell information.

C. Constant updating- Since our service is an online application, we can constantly updating the site, providing the most up-to-date improvements based on user inputs, industry changes, and/or security enhancements. This allows the user to have a more pleasurable and secure experience. There are no fees for updates as EMDMC DOES NOT believe in charging for this service.

D. EASE OF USE- we believe that a website should be easy to navigate, utilize, and understand. We have focused on the average user and typical home computer peripherals. So in the creation of our website, we provide a service that doesn't require thousand dollar programs, software, or scanners. We want anyone that can surf the internet, scan a document, or view a PDF file to have the ability to use our site. There is no special training- just click on a tab, type what you want, upload/download the file, and that is it. EMDMC's service is available in 4 languages.

E. ECONOMICAL- EMDMC does not believe in charging thousands of dollars for a service. We are offering our product to everyone who has a computer. With quantity of scale, this makes it affordable to everyone - anywhere in the world. We charge a yearly nominal fee that covers the cost of our server and updating our site.

F. FLEXIBILITY- With our service online, we have the ability to expand or change as the industry and/or standards change. We work with professional doctors and organizations so we can constantly keep track of the industry. This provides the user instant flexibility and standardization of documents and services for both the patient as well as the professional. As new technologies and ideas become available, they can be implemented in a matter of hours instead of weeks.

About the founders-

Peter Haasz - Hungarian born-naturalized US citizen. Mr. Haasz has been the founder of several different businesses in a variety of industries. Now Peter has taken that experience, and has applied it to developing a new direction in the EMR industry.

Steven Tisdale- a specialist in the computer industry for over 20 plus years. Mr. Tisdale's expertise covers areas of computer security, technological improvements in IT, and web site development. Steve uses his expertise in creating new ways to promote internet site security and ease-of-use.

About EMDMC, Inc.

EMDMC corporation specializes in digitalizing, storing and managing online medical documents for the European market. Scan, publish and ship out any medical document to anywhere in the world by using EMDMC corporation services.

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