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Delhi, India (PressExposure) August 16, 2010 -- Everquest 2 is a massive multiplayer online role playing game which is a sequel to its earlier version Everquest 1. This game has become immensely popular because of its story line, graphics and the level of difficulty. The players of EQ 2 spend a lot of time trying to build an invincible empire. The game has varying level of difficulty ranging from the tedious tasks at the beginning to the interesting but tougher tasks towards the later part of the game. The 3D graphics and the game settings have been critically acclaimed. The game’s storyline takes places five hundred years after Everquest 1.

Which are vastly advanced when compared with EQ1. The game takes place in the fictional world of Norrath. Every character in the game has to interact with the Norrath world while he/she embarks on the journey to complete quests. Players can choose their race and class as in the earlier version of Everquest. They have got a total of 19 races and 24 classes to choose from. The game is mainly focused on player vs. player battles. Dedicated servers were installed for these PvP battles in the year 2006 although the game was launched in the year 2004 by Sony Online Entertainment.

To play this game, people require an eq2 account. This account can be obtained from various MMORPG websites or the game’s original site. There are two types of purchases. One is buying a fresh account and the other is buying an account which has reached a certain level and completed certain quests. The advantage of buying a used account is that the player need not do the hard work of ambling through the initial stages which consumes a lot of time. The disadvantage is that the player will take time to get in touch with the intricacies of the game. Also they may not be comfortable handling the weapons during critical quests.

There are a number of transactions that can be performed using your EQ2 account. The basic transaction is that you can buy an EQ2 account. You can choose the rating points you want on your account, you can choose the level which the chosen character has reached. This can be done depending on your comfortable point of starting the game.

The next option you have with your account is selling. You can sell your EQ2 account to a suitable buyer. First you need to put up a profile of your account on the relevant MMORPG website. An offer will be made to you by the buyer. You can either take his offer or wait for a better offer. When a transaction is complete, both the buyer and the seller pay an amount to the website. This leaves both the buyer and the seller satisfied because the buyer has gained an account where the basic hard work has been done and the seller gains money for the effort he has put into the game age of conan account.

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