Eagle Archery Announces Attractive New Crossbows

Marshall, WI (PressExposure) July 19, 2011 -- For Immediate Release: Eagle Archery announces new line of crossbows in time for the fall hunting season.

From: An Eagle Archery Representative. Eagle Archery sells many quality products to hunters and sportsmen throughout the year. The fall archery season in many states allows people to use a crossbow. If a person wants to use a crossbow or if he lives in a state with a specialized crossbow season, Eagle Archery can help him find the products that he needs.

Eagle Archery has announced a new line of attractive ranged weapons just in time for the hunting season. A hunter does not expect his weapon to be a work of art, although a fine piece of machinery is a work of art onto itself. A hunter wants to know that he can count on his weapon when he needs to take it out into the field. A hunter can expect good quality from well-known brands. As long as the point is sharp enough, he can count on it reaching his intended target and preventing the animal from suffering too mu

Eagle Archery received the 2011 line of some of the most popular crossbow brands. The shopper can choose from a traditional look or a camouflage look. The look of the traditional wooden crossbow does make it hard to spot from a distance in the woods. Barnett, Bowtceh, PSE TAC, and Wicked Ridge all offer compound crossbow models. The compound crossbow makes the unit easier to cock and reload.The difficulty with loading and aiming a crossbow. Ten Point offers a traditional cocking model.

The Barnett Predators comes with the camouflage that will keep you safe in the woods. The drawstring is pulled back easily and the weapon leaves space for a scope if you need it. Scopes work better on this type of weapon than they do on bows. A person can get a good fix on his quarry using a scope. Because a crossbow has greater power than do traditional bows, they can propel the arrow farther.

If a hunter wants to go back to the old looks of medieval a medieval crossbow or at least get as close as he can, he should consider the Ten Point line. The Ten Point models offer a simple single string design. The brown wooden stock is smooth and polished, but not so highly polished that it will stand out. Like the Barnett Predator models, the user can attach a scope to many Ten Point models to improve his aim.

A hunter knows that he may need to switch arrows or bolts quickly. He may not always have time to reach down into his quiver. Compound bows have had the option to store arrows on the bow itself for years. Many crossbows do not have this feature, but the Bowtech Stryker decided to added. The Stryker is designed to give the user the most power for a decent price. The quiver underneath the bow lets the user reload an arrow quickly and prepare for his next shot. If he has a pull rope or device to aid in cocking the weapon, the speed will be even faster.

Crossbow hunting can be a fun and rewarding experience. It can also help people who have a disability enjoy archery season. As with other aspects of the sport, a person needs to make sure he has everything else he needs. A pull rope will make things easier, a scope can improve his aim, strings will keep his weapon in working order, and without ammunition a person cannot use the weapon.

Eagle Archery has striven to provide hunters and marksmen everything they need to enjoy the sport of archery. Its sales staff will answer any questions a customer might have before and after he buys a crossbows or bow from the store.

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