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107 Marriott Drive St. Tallahassee City, (PressExposure) April 24, 2009 -- Nowadays, a lot of things are very expensive. Every occasion is not necessarily celebrated extravagantly anymore. One cannot celebrate every birthday or anniversary by renting a venue and hiring a caterer. Planning a home party is becoming more common because it makes everything less expensive. The key to a successful home party is careful planning. Below is a guide to help you plan your home party without the stress and strain that usually go with it.

1. BUDGET. First things first. A home party is not a guarantee that you will be able to save more. Some people made the mistake of not setting a budget at the start and end up shelling out more money for their home party. Decide on how much you’re willing to spend and stick to it. To be on the safer side, take 80% of your budget as your actual budget so that the 20% of your budget will act as buffer for other unforeseeable expenses. Spending more does not necessarily mean a better party. Check a philippine grocery [http://www.myayala.com/shop/categs.asp?k=Grocery-philippines&categ_id=667] to give yourself an idea of the cost of the items you will need.

2. FOOD AND TIME. What time do you want your party to start? You need to set a time that will let you prepare for the party and help you decide on what food to serve. Decide on your menu. This also means taking into consideration the people who will help you with your party. Are you going to get a caterer? Are you willing to get food through food delivery philippines [http://www.myayala.com/shop/categs.asp?k=Food%20and%20Drinks-philippines&categ_id=5]? Are you going to get order some philippine cakes [http://www.myayala.com/shop/categs.asp?k=Cakes-philippines&categ_id=216]?

3. GUEST LIST. Your budget should somehow act as a guide in helping you make your guest list. The important thing is to set the number of people you can afford to invite. Take into consideration the size of your house. How many people can it accommodate?

4. SETTING. How do you plan to set-up your house for the party? Will you need to rent more tables and chairs? Do you plan to set a theme for the party? Think about other small things also like plates, utensils, paper napkins, ashtrays (if you will allow smoker guests to smoke), garbage bags, etc. Check for items you wouldn’t want your guests to see. Make sure your bathroom is clean for guests to use. Try baby-proofing or kid-proofing your house if you have guests who will be bringing babies and kids.

5. RELAX. You will not be able to enjoy your party if you stress too much about it. Just relax and be the perfect host by entertaining your guests and enjoying yourself.

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