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San Diego, CA (PressExposure) October 21, 2009 -- Primero Systems, Inc is pleased to announce that the Koorus easy website builder and web control center launched today to the general public. The Koorus easy website builder aims to remove the technical burden of website creation and allows its user to focus on building a business instead. Most people really don't "want' to build a website, they want to build a business!

Traditional web design software and web designers can cause huge headaches and cost a ton, but it gets even worse from there! Here are 4 other critical issues that must be addressed:

1) Web Hosting - Hosting accounts come with a front end called Cpanel. Programmers and web design gurus are familiar with these accounts. It's the technical back end for your web site. It's confusing, highly technical, and something that the regular Joe (or Jane) have a hard time figuring out.

2) Content Management Systems - Once you have your design, your site has to be plugged into a content management system at additional expense so that you can run your site without all kinds of programming on a daily basis. These content management systems, while created to make working on your site easier, are still extremely complicated and very costly.

3) Search Engine Optimization - This is something that is truly a science. Knowing how to optimize your web site for the big search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN is something that most computer gurus with a Masters Degree in Computer Science don't even understand. It's nearly impossible for the regular person to know how to do it effectively. Your other option is to hire a search engine optimization company which can run between $5,000 and $10,000 for an entry level package.

4) FTP, Web Forms & RSS - Learning how to effectively connect to your web hosting account and work with FTP can be a laborious and confusing task. Throw trying to figure out how to add forms like subscriptions forms, contact forms, and surveys to your site along with working with RSS and you're going to be pulling your hair out. Of course ... it can all be outsourced ... just break out your wallet!

So, you may be asking yourself: How Do I Create A High Grade Web Site Without Clunky & Confusing Software, Without An Expensive Designer & Web Hosting, Without Messing Around with Hosting Cpanels, Content Management Systems, SEO & Web Forms? Is there an easy website builder that is right for me?

Until today, you've had to sloth through trying to figure out web design on your own, as well as learning all of the confusing software for content management. Let's not even get started on SEO.

The good news? You don't have to worry about any of these complicated technologies any longer!

In fact, if you have the basic skills to send and receive e-mail and create a simple document in a word processing program such as Microsoft word, you already have all of the skills that you need to create highly compelling web sites that make people buy.

Not only is Koorus an easy website builder that will help anyone to build a website, it's also a complete Business Contol Center. The Koorus easy website builder combines the best of everything you need to run a business online in one simple-to-use, web-based control center.

There is NO software to install. You simply fire up Internet Explorer and you instantly have access to everything.

Here's just some of what's included...

• Design Center • Form/Survey/Polls Center • Knowledge Center • Keyword Research Center • SEO Center • RSS Aggregator Center • Drip Feed Content Center • Statistics & Analytics Center • Split Testing & Ad Tracking Center • Quick Start & Multimedia Training Center • Web 2.0 Skin Design Center • Link Building Center • Template & Image Center • Administration Center

Starting with its "Best In Class", what-you-see-is-what-you-get page designer all the way to its built-in analytics and reporting, the Koorus easy website builder offers the most robust end-to-end solution in its space for the small business. "There's no reason why people shouldn't expect a first class product without having to pay a small fortune for it" says Steve Press, CTO of Primero Systems and Koorus Product Team Leader. "The Koorus solution offers the ability to create up to 10 websites for less than a dollar per day".

With today's abundant technology, there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to point and click your way to professional, compelling websites in mere minutes.

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