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Boston, MA (PressExposure) May 18, 2008 -- David Snieckus, Healthy Food Advocate for over 30 years, will be showing individuals how to select, prepare and eat quality organic food for any health issue as well as how foods influence our emotions, behavior and appearance - at the home of Lily Iglehart in Jamaica Plain at 9 o’clock a.m. on Saturday morning of June 14th 2008. This class will provide a thumbnail sketch of understanding healthy food and then will move to Lily’s Kitchen for a “hands on” or ”just observe” Natural Foods Cooking class. Everyone attending will be able to eat the delicious prepared food, a complete meal of 5 or more recipes at noon. Take-out will be available and recipes will be included!

Mr. Snieckus of Newton, MA., has for over thirty (30) years of experience with healthy organic food. He says, “Ancient teachings, turn of the century discoveries, and recent modern scientific evidence demonstrate that food grown in quality organic soil, and properly eaten, will prevent and even reverse disease! All one has to do is understand what good food is, learn to prepare it, and eat it…EVERYDAY!”

At the turn of the 20th century, soil scientist, Albert Howard, discovered a secret to health: the soil. After experimenting in his agricultural work in India, he wrote two books on the subject when he returned to England: 1) The Soil and Health and 2) An Agricultural Testament....and then was knighted! Basically Sir Howard confirmed the disease-resistant power of the natural, organic, soil upon plants grown in the living soil. He deliberately introduced highly infectious diseases into the plants growing there and the diseases did not take hold. He then did the same for animals that were fed disease resistant food, and they also did not acquire diseases. The animals fed properly were healthy and strong, while other animals exposed to the same infectious diseases died of various ailments. He also observed that his workers, who lived off food grown in this soil, lived free of disease. Finally, he concluded that the best way to deal with disease was to change the soil in which it was grown rather than kill the pathogen or germ or virus with an anti-biotic.

An important step in your finding health today is to eat organically grown food as well as to make a reservation to this fun and educational cooking class at 617-964-2951.

For additional information on healthy food, contact David Snieckus or visit Natural Food Cooking Classes are receiving more and more media attention. The Medical Profession is paying close attention too! David’s Cooking classes are available at other times throughout the year.

Mr. Snieckus empowers individuals to experience optimum health, well-being and happiness through the biological, psychological and spiritual understanding and practical application of the proper selection, cooking and eating of healthy foods grown in organic soils. His vision is one peaceful and healthy world. His mission is to create a wellness center in everyone’s kitchen. David is a 1981 graduate of the world renowned Kushi Institute formerly in Brookline, MA.


David Snieckus

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