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Asheville, NC (PressExposure) May 06, 2012 -- The world is going GREEN and buying local foods. We have started Asheville Aquaponics so you can have fresh, organic fish & produce, all year long in your own home.

Aquaponics is a unique method that is self sustainable. The water from the fish tank is pumped into the upper plant bed. The fish poop fertilizes the plants, the plants and gravel purify the water. The water drains back into the fish tank which feeds & aerates the fish. So, the fish feed the plants, the plants feed the fish and the plants and fish feed you. Perfect!

Aquaponics can be adapted to any situation and it does not matter if you have a farm or a condo in Manhatten. Give us a call and we can consult and design a system for you. We also offer tours so you can see Aquaponics in action.

We offer Aquaponic Designs and Construction, Organic Trout, Tilapia, fish food, herbs, micro greens, sprouts and potted plants, Aquaponic supplies. We also offer tours for those who would like to see Aquaponics in action. We charge a $10 fee per person but this is applied to any purchases. Please go to our website and/or follow us on Twitter @AshevAquaponics

We specialize in Aquaponic designs, with our 20 years of Aquaponics, landscape design and building experience we can create a beautiful system to be as simple or elaborate. An outdoor Aquaponic landscaped system would marvel everyone. Imagine a beautiful landscape that is self-sustainable, produces vegetables and fish for you and your family all year long !

Would you like a free consultation to discuss an Aquaponic System that fits your needs? View our 'Slide Show' below for some ideas, we would be happy to design a system, just for you.

Our online store offers efficient, pre-built, small / large scale Aquaponic systems / Greenhouses or (designed, built to suit) Our pre-built Aquaponics systems are modular which allows you to expand your plant beds. We also offer Tilapia fingerlings, Trout/Tilapia Live or fresh for your dinner table, organic potted plants, organic fresh and dried herbs (Which are all produced from our Aqauponic Systems) All at a great price, all year long and FREE LOCAL DELIVERY on orders $100 or more (except 200 gallon Aquaponic Systems)

We recommend you purchase a pre-seeded system. Many people think "Oh, I can make that myself" yes you can but ! You'll find that was a big mistake. Their is allot more to it than water, fish and plants. You'll spend more time and money getting it work properly then you think. Believe me...

Thank you,

Cliff Jagger
Asheville Aquaponics
3155 Sweeten Creek Road
Asheville, NC, 28803

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