Eating Disorder Treatment Must Address The Body As Well As Mind And Spirit To Be Effective

Del Mar, California (PressExposure) November 11, 2009 -- When it comes to eating disorder treatment, the solution has as many sides and components as the problem. Whether you are dealing with anorexia treatment or bulimia treatment, the issues that drive the disease are complex. These serious diseases delve from emotional trauma that goes beyond a simple change in lifestyle or attitude. The problems are deeply engrained, requiring a holistic program that addresses psychology, lifestyle issues, modern medicine, as well as physical and creative therapy.

Eating disorder treatment requires a unique approach that recognizes the individuality of the patient. While there may be universal similarities, no person’s eating disorder is ultimately the same. Each individual’s affliction stems from unique and complex problems that need to be directly addressed for healing to begin.

Anorexia treatment must address the personal trauma of the individual. This can involve sexual abuse or other personally traumatic situations. While the physical effects of anorexia need to be addressed immediately to protect the health of the patient, psychology likewise plays a crucial role in the recovery process. Without healing the mind, the body cannot continue to function. Healing must be all encompassing, involving a healthy diet as well as extensive exercise program, backed by healing creative activities that instill well-being within the individual.

Anorexia treatment has been found most effective when it addresses spiritual issues as equally as nutritional considerations. Meditation, yoga, and Tai Chi have all been found to be extremely beneficial to the healing process, returning the mind to a proper form of balance through the Zen of well being. Art plays a critical role as well. Patients release their inner demons and trauma through creative roles, whether they practice poetry, painting or music therapy.

Bulimia treatment also centers on returning the patient to a smooth sense of balance through a complete holistic treatment plan. A bulimic’s preoccupation for food stems from deeper emotional distress than simple dieting can allay. The problem can delve from self esteem issues, histories of abuse, the presence of other eating disorders in the family and cultural perceptions. Recovery must likewise address all of these issues through a comprehensive and holistic approach. This includes a medical and psychotherapeutic component, as well as quality lifestyle therapy and healing artistic expression in a supportive and nurturing environment. Nature, too, plays a key role as the beauty of the natural world can in itself be healing and therapeutic.

No single approach works as well as the whole. Eating disorders can be as complex as the individuals who experience them. Recovery must encompass a vast array of approaches, each addressing the medical, psychological and creative needs of the patient. Although those afflicted with the disease may have their illness in common, the causes and consequences of each illness are as unique as the patients. A good eating disorder recovery program recognizes the uniqueness of the individual with a program of therapy customized to meet their complex needs.

Recovery is only possible through an encompassing program that addresses the whole individual, from the body to the mind to the very spirit. Once well being has been returned to a complete whole, recovery can be lasting and complete.

Casa Palmera is an inclusive San Diego eating disorder treatment center dedicated to helping those with eating disorders find a path to recovery. The center focuses on anorexia treatment and bulimia treatment, but also addresses overeating as well as drug and alcohol issues.

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