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Mesa, AZ (PressExposure) July 17, 2009 -- /PressRelease/ Anorexia and Bulimia are incorrectly thought of as issues that young girls go through in the name of vanity. Unfortunately this misconception leaves many people both men and women, suffering through these disorders without the help that they need. Often times Anorexia and Bulimia are a product of other deeper psychological problems that may not ever be addressed properly. Casa Palmera is an eating disorder treatment center that has developed techniques and therapies that will help individuals living with Anorexia or Bulimia regain back their lives.

Gone untreated both Anorexia and Bulimia will cause health problems. Anorexia causes more than weight loss. Hair loss, fragile nails, yellow skin, and skeletal damage all occur when the body is depleted and starved of the essential vitamins and minerals that the body needs to function properly. In some cases liver and kidney failure, and an irregular heartbeat may also occur, and all too often, when left untreated, death. Although people who suffer with Bulimia encounter the same medical problems, Bulimia brings with it its own set of maladies. From the act of purging alone a person with Bulimia will encounter bad breath and rotted teeth, and possible ruptures in the throat and stomach. The need for widespread attention to Anorexia and Bulimia is apparent, and required if we are going to stop the senseless deaths of people caught in the middle of a disorder they don’t have the tools to overcome.

Integrating a holistic program that promotes total healing of the person both inside and out is how Casa Palmera addresses eating disorders. An integrative medical approach coupled with psychotherapeutic modalities address the medical and psychological aspects of eating disorders. Teaching the healthful balance of spiritual reflection, fitness, healthy eating, and stress management, a resident at Casa Palmera will learn how to live their life in a positive way that will be rewarding. Using relaxing exercises that focus on the entire person such yoga, and meditation, the body will respond greatly to recovery and with 24 hour care in a safe, nurturing environment, a resident of Casa Palmera will learn what is the healthy, self loving way to care for themselves.

The foundation of Casa Palmera’s approach to health and well being is to treat the entire person based on 4 core elements. The staff at Casa Palmera is a diverse, comprehensive, extensively trained staff of professionals that work as a team to promote healing and giving the tools to each person and training them to use those tools to live a healthy, happy life.

If you are looking for an answer to your questions, if you are desperately worried about someone you love that is slowly killing themselves because of Anorexia or Bulimia and you know you have to get help, if you have tried other forms of anorexia treatment and it has failed, if you are looking for bulimia treatment that works, Casa Palmera is the answer. Casa Palmera can help you help the one you love. To schedule a consultation or if you just need to ask questions, contact Casa Palmera via email at or call 888.481.4481.

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