Eccotopia Receives Significant Order For Megafolia Trees

Cape Town, South Africa (PressExposure) October 12, 2013 -- Arial Haskins, Director of Operations at sustainable forestation company Eccotopia, Ltd. has announced that the company has secured an order for 5,000 (five thousand) Megafolia trees from an American-based reforestation organization.

The organization, which Mr. Haskins says prefers to remain anonymous, had travelled to several African sites at which Eccotopia's Megafolia trees had been planted in order to conduct a "boots-on-the-ground" evaluation of the phytoremediation properties. "They were very impressed by the trees' rate of growth and by the condition of the soil samples they analyzed," said Mr. Haskins.

Though the organization will not be named, Eccotopia is able to confirm that the Megafolia trees will be used as part of an effort to limit the adverse effects of hydraulic fracturing - also known as fracking - at a substantial undisclosed natural gas drilling site on the North American continent.

Fracking is a process by which liquid including water, sand and man-made chemicals are forced into shale rock under high pressure to create fractures along which natural gas and petroleum can flow into a well. Though the process can help to extract natural resources once considered inaccessible, its use is linked to a number of adverse side effects in the immediate environs close to drilling sites including an increase the contamination of ground water, a depletion of freshwater and rising instances of fracturing chemicals leaking to the surface.

The Megafolia© tree has been shown to be uniquely able to utilize waste mining water as the trees are cultivated, creating a welcome solution for the inherent mining waste water issues throughout the Republic of South Africa. Megafolia© trees are characteristically suited for the process of phytoremediation, as they are able to flourish utilizing polluted mining water which is an abundant by-product of the mining industry.

Eccotopia has developed a number of significant strategic alliances with environmental industry partners. We offer not only innovative, patented technologies of our own, but also an unmatched ability to provide experienced, objective third-party testing and evaluation of new technologies and cutting-edge approaches to site remediation, decentralization, forestation programs and pollution control.

We understand the dynamics of combining ecological and environmental improvements with industrialization and profitability. We have begun to explore linkages between ecology and economics, looking to create new kinds of partnerships and enterprise out of environmental protection and restoration initiatives. Eccotopia's principal commitments are to our partners and the environment.

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