Economic Downturn Hitting Timeshare Owners Harder than Most

Phoenix, AZ (PressExposure) December 24, 2009 -- During the current economic climate there have been many Americans struggling to pay bills. People are looking to cut back wherever possible in an effort to pay off debt and relieve some of the stress that is associated with it. Perhaps no segment of consumers is more troubled than those who own timeshares. A deeper look into the industry through research and interviews with owners reveals what is promised during sales presentations rarely comes to fruition.

One of the most common complaints, especially for those that have outstanding mortgage balances, are the exorbitant costs that climb higher and higher each year. What compounds this issue is that for all intensive purposes, payments to the resorts are a lot like washing the money down the drain. Even after timeshares are paid off they have essentially no value and can rarely, if ever, be liquidated. Those who financed timeshares quickly learn that they have even less options due to the financial liability associated with the mortgages.

Since virtually all owners report being told that the timeshares will be easy to sell, the first stop for many are listing companies. The Attorney General of Florida, Bill McCollum, among others gives particular warnings about such companies. On his website ( he states that while these companies may claim to have buyers for your timeshare, it is unlikely that there is actually a buyer due to the depressed resale market. After being deceived by resorts and the resale companies, many consumers seem to feel that there is no where to turn and that because there are some bad apples, that every company in the industry is rotten. There are, however, companies out there who are genuinely concerned with the well being of consumers and can offer legitimate help.

Professional Timeshare Services, LLC fills the void in the industry by helping timeshare owners begin on a path towards resolving the many issues that they face. Navigating through the waters of the timeshare industry can be hazardous. It is important to have an ally who understands not only what consumers have been through, but how to set them free from the burdens that are associated with timeshare ownership.

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Professional Timeshare Services, LLC

Professional Timeshare Services works to promote awareness for the deceptive trade practices that take place within the timeshare industry and provides guaranteed services to assist timeshare owners with cancelling their timeshare contracts and mortgages.

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