Education Site Announces Verdict On Elite Educators - Guilty As Charged

Norfolk, VA (PressExposure) August 20, 2009 -- Anyone studying American education, according to writer Bruce Deitrick Price, will immediately confront one of the big mysteries in American history: why do our public schools operate at such a mediocre level?

Why do one-third of the children entering public school become drop-outs, and most of the rest appear to gain only a minimal education? Why do SAT scores drop? Why aren’t American students competitive with their peers from other countries? Why do so many pundits state that the country is sliding into an educational abyss?

“I’m been struggling with these questions for many years,” says Price, the founder of “Are our educators hopelessly incompetent? Or do we have to consider deliberate subversion? That is, do our elite educators dumb down the public schools for ideological reasons? It’s historical fact that John Dewey and the other founders of American education believed that public schools should be used to foster socialism.”

Price has analyzed the situation in a bold new report: “41: Educators, O.J. Simpson, and Guilt.” One-line summary: our educators are as guilty as O.J. (See article 41 on

Long story short, Price doesn’t see any escape from concluding that: “Educators, at the very top tier, are indeed scheming, conspiring, plotting, organizing, planning, whatever word you’re comfortable with. They’re in love with social engineering. They believe that leveling people is a worthwhile goal. So they do it as much as possible.”

Price acknowledges, however, that we don’t have eyewitnesses or signed confessions. So we have to assemble a case, as the government prepared its case against O.J. Simpson, a case based on circumstantial evidence because there were no witnesses. The jury acquitted Simpson; but public opinion is almost unanimous in believing that O. J. killed two people. Clearly, we can be 98% sure of something that we can’t prove 100%.

“For me,” Price says, “this formulation exactly sums up the case of Educators versus US. Admittedly, it’s a messy debate. But I think everything comes down to two options: the people who go into education are not very competent. Or the ghost of John Dewey is still busy in our schools of education. I say Dewey is alive and well, and making the country sick.”

For many people, Price says, “the notion of conspiracy is a big stumbling block. We don’t like to think of all these so-called educators pushing their own personal ideologies, never mind what the public wants. There were two decisive pieces of evidence for me. First, no other country spends so much per-pupil but ends up with such poorly educated citizens. I suspect that any 400 people out of the phone book could do a better job. Second, this country has 50 million functional illiterates. That’s a lot of dumbing down, over many decades. For me, this vast tide of illiteracy is the key factor. We must be seeing premeditated malfeasance.”

“41: Educators, O.J. Simpson, and Guilt” explores all these ideas in depth. At the end readers will find a list of the major books, going back to 1949, that accused the Education Establishment of doing a dreadful job. “And here I am 60 years later,” Price says, “making the exact same point: these people are guilty.”

(Price’s fifth book is “THE EDUCATION ENIGMA--What Happened to American Education.” He can be contacted at Word-Wise Education: 757-455-5020.)


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