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Johannesburg, Somalia (PressExposure) October 01, 2009 -- Egg donation is a highly controversial topic and associated with its sensitivity is the egg donation fee. The egg donor's fee or egg donation compensation has created sensationalism, topic, comment and strong voiced opinions.

South African egg donation has forced egg donation compensation to remain at a minimal amount. Egg donors are rewarded for their gesture to assist infertile couples. The means to attract egg donors is also so strict that an egg donor agency may not even publicly state the amount offered to egg donors. Thus their motivation is ultruisticly inclined and their intentions honourable. The egg donation donor does not just get this amount - she receives her amount after completing the egg donation application, egg donor screening and availing herself on the egg donor program. On the day of egg retrieval she receives her donation.

Research shows that some egg donors receive significant amounts of money to donate their eggs. What is important is the quality of eggs. The reality is that more money paid to an egg donor does not increase the chances of egg donation success. Significantly higher egg donation compensation amounts substantially increases the egg donation cost. For alot of egg donation recipients, they require more than one attempt on the egg donation program to conceive and the more affordable the process, the more attractive it becomes.

Various schools of thought also exists with respect to the ethical correctness of egg donors receiving huge exhorbitant amounts for their gesture of egg donation. It is true that egg donation is a personal decision and the egg donors have to be diligent, responsible and committed to the egg donor program. Invasive and personal appointments are par for the course. For South African egg donors, egg donation is a means to give and for many they consider it their greatest contribution to mankind, so the egg donation money is not the bigest consideration.

baby2mom Egg Donation and Surrogacy Programme - is an egg donation agency which has several egg donors whose egg donation compensation does not significantly increase the egg donation cost to recipients of donor eggs. South African egg donors are extensively screened, are beautiful, are available and contribute to affordable egg donation or cheap egg donation with the best chance of an egg donation success.

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