Eggology Egg Whites Help Bodybuilders Recover Quickly From Workouts

Canoga Park, CA (PressExposure) July 30, 2009 -- There is a general consensus among bodybuilders that when it comes to a successful muscle-building regime, healthy dieting plays a large role in muscle recuperation. Eggology provides bodybuilders with organic and fresh liquid egg whites that they can easily incorporate into their daily diets to keep lean and reach their weightlifting goals.

Bodybuilders have long since known the importance of egg protein for building muscles; egg whites provide essential amino acids that quicken the pace of muscle recovery. Essential amino acids are proteins that are necessary for good health yet are not naturally produced by the body and are therefore only accessible through diet.

Muscle recovery is an important process for bodybuilders and therefore their daily diet must provide enough nutrients to expedite the muscle-rebuilding phase. Brad Halpern, founder of Eggology agrees, “Pure protein food is an essential part of the muscle recuperation process. Eggology was founded by an athlete for athletes and we know the incredible value of egg whites as the only pure protein food available. In addition to that, we make sure, through USDA inspection, that Eggology liquid egg whites are safe to enjoy raw as many body builders like to drink them straight or add them to shakes.” Currently, Eggology egg whites offer the only liquid egg whites on the market that are safe enough to drink raw.

For decades, bodybuilders have recognized the value of egg whites. The Strength Training Community from declares egg whites to be “the highest quality food protein known to man in the entire world.”

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Eggology was launched as a consumer retail company in 1995 after enjoying widespread success among bodybuilders and other savvy health aficionados with its flagship 100% all-natural, certified Organic Liquid Egg Whites. Eggology is the only company that utilizes only fresh pasteurized egg whites (from eggs just three days off the farm), which are 100% pure, organic, USDA approved and kosher. The company also uses an independent lab to test for salmonella and listeria, meaning food-lovers can enjoy the company’s products cold, hot, cooked, or raw. More info at
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