Electric Arc Furnace, Blast Furnace, and other Metal Casting Furnaces Just Released

Hobart, Washington (PressExposure) May 23, 2008 -- Casting Furnaces Information and all about Metal Casting Furnace Types, and Casting at a new section on Metal Casting website that is all about Casting Furnaces. The new Casting Furnace section can be accessed by users and non-users by visiting the following web address: http://www.metalcastingzone.com/casting-furnaces/.

Here is an excerpt from the Casting Furnaces section page on Metal Casting Zone:

“Electric Arc Furnace: This furnace can be described as a furnace heating charged materials by the way of an electric arc. These furnaces exist in all the sizes-right, from the smallest one having a capacity of around 1 ton to the largest one having a capacity of 400 tons. The former one is used in foundries to produce cast iron products, whereas the latter one is used for secondary steel making. The ones used by dentists and in research laboratories might be having capacity of a few grams only. The electric arc furnace can have temperatures risen up to 1800 Celsius. The first electric furnaces came into being in 1907, at the hands of Paul Heroult of French origin. The commercial part of these furnaces was established in the United States of America. In the beginning, the specialty product used in the making of spring steel and machine tools was electric steel. Calcium Carbide was also prepared in these arc furnaces. It (calcium carbide) was used in carbide lamps.

This furnace comprises of a refractory-lined vessel, normally water-cooled in huge sizes, having a covering of a retractable roof, through which the entry of graphite electrodes takes place. They might be one or many in number. The furnace is divided into 3 sections: the shell, consisting of lower steel bowl and sidewalls, the hearth, consisting of refractory lining the lower bowl, and the roof, that can be water-cooled or refractory-lined, and can easily be shaped into a spherical section or conical section (frustum). A refractory delta is also supported by the roof at its center, by the way of which graphite electrodes make an entry.”

The new Casting Furnaces webpage is there to provide users with all of the information they need on casting and learning the basics of Casting Furnaces. It can be visited for free at: http://www.metalcastingzone.com/casting-furnaces/. This new section of casting furnace information will continue to be updated with the latest and greatest information on the basics of casting furnaces at: http://www.metalcastingzone.com/casting-furnaces/.

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