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Mumbai, India (PressExposure) August 27, 2009 -- Electric Vehicles & Battery Technology Report ( [http://www.bharatbook.com/Market-Research-Reports/Electric-Vehicles-Battery-Technology-Report.html] ) estimates that Electrification has been thrust into the spotlight as a means of reducing vehicle emissions at a time when concern about the environment has moved to the centre stage of global politics. Leaving aside contentious issues surrounding the production of electricity there are enormous challenges facing the automotive industry if it is to realise its ambitions of manufacturing significant numbers of electric vehicles by the middle of the next decade.

Electric powered vehicles comfortably pre-date those powered by the internal combustion engine, yet the technological challenges that held back the advance of electric vehicles more than a century ago still remain today: principally storing electricity in light, affordable batteries that can be quickly recharged at low cost.

This report takes an exhaustive survey of the different types of battery that exist or are under development around the world from conventional lead-acid through to laboratory only, highly secretive EEStor systems. Recent announcements by Japanese manufacturers’ intent on delivering Lithium-ion batteries for EV applications simply represent a half-way house solution to a complex scenario. Whilst the technology demanded in electric motors isn’t so varied they, too, need innovative and financially feasible solutions if EVs are going to make any significant impact on future transport solutions. A review of electric motors examines the virtues and claims for various systems.

Finally the report takes an exhaustive look and appraisal of electric vehicles currently on offer or under development. As with the early days of petrol driven cars more than a 100 years ago there are, clearly, winners and losers, the feasible and the fantastical. Yet just how big a role electrification will play in our future transport needs is far from certain. That EVs will play a part is now accepted, albeit grudgingly by some, but how significant a player they will become depends very much on which of the technologies and systems covered in this survey prove the most efficient and reliable.

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