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Brooklyn, NY (PressExposure) December 21, 2009 -- A British inventor named William created the spring-loaded mousetrap in 1897. The spring-loaded traps we still use today are pretty much the same thing. In more than 100 years, you would think that someone would come up with something a little bit better for dealing with rodent problems. Thankfully, the electronic rat trap does just that. This product takes advantage of today’s technology to make the process of eliminating rodents faster, more efficient and much more convenient.

An electronic rat trap works much like a traditional cage trap. However, once the rodent is inside, a lethal dose of electricity is delivered to eliminate the rodent. A battery system is used to produce the voltage. Multiple safety features are built in to ensure that the device is safe. For one, the amount of electricity delivered is not lethal to humans or most household pets. In addition, the opening to the trap is not big enough for children or pets to enter. Mice, rats and other small rodents can get, but nothing else. This product eliminates exactly what is intended to and nothing else.

Perhaps the most useful feature about the electronic rat trap is the remote indicator that tells you when the trap has been triggered. In most cases, the remote indicator will light up once the trap is triggered, and the remote will receive the signal from 300 feet away. This feature makes the trap perfect for those hard to reach areas. Instead of crawling on your hands and knees or reaching into small cracks every few hours to check your trap, you can simply glance at the remote now and then. This feature makes these traps particularly useful to restaurant and other business owners that don’t have time to spend the day checking multiple traps.

The electronic rat trap is the next step in effective rodent control. Unlike the traditional spring-loaded trap, there is no blood and guts involved. The jolt of electricity is all it takes. In fact, the rear doors on many of these traps allow you to dispose of the dead rodent without ever having to look at it. These traps are a safe, efficient method for preventing rodent problems in your home or business. Rodents carry diseases that can affect you and your family, but these traps will help keep you and your family healthy and safe.follow this link Electronic Rat Trap for more info.

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