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Chandigarh, India (PressExposure) July 27, 2008 -- It is believed by a lot of very high earning Internet marketers that it is in your best interest to turn your web site into one of your main email marketing tools. A favorite tactic for content site owners is to actually publish their newsletter or Ezine on their web site.

One of the advantages of this method is that you use your email marketing content as part of your web site content. Another advantage is that it gets your email marketing list member's use to clicking on links in your email. This can be important to you because by creating a link clicking habit in your email marketing list members you will get more visitors to your web site. As an important side issue when the links got to your sales page you will get more views on it as well. Oh, and by the way. By sending your email marketing members to your web site you will have the side benefits of branding your web site name, logo and marketing statement.

You could also have Google AdSense or other paid advertising on your site to make money with. I am not a great fan of this myself but a lot of marketers make extra money this was as well. Use Plain Text in Your Email. The way you get email marketing list members to your HTML newsletter on your web site is to send out a simple text email with teaser text and a link to the web based version of the newsletter. You can of course use your resource box to soft sale a product as well. In fact I highly recommend that you do this. With the spam filters like they are and the fact that spammers use a lot of graphics to get certain messages past spam blockers this would be a better bet for getting an HTML newsletter or ezine read. Using Your Blog as Email Marketing Content.

Another favorite of marketers is to use their email marketing program to advertise and send their subscribers to their blog. This can be done in several different ways. You can send out a plain text message to your email marketing list just as you did with your web site. You can also with most auto responder programs set your RSS feed to be sent out to your email marketing list when ever you make a new post. The RSS feed is great because it is automatic. The problem with it that I see is that for the email marketing list members that do not go to the blog you have only your signature and no soft sale with it.

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